Long Shot’s Maryland

Long Shot’s in Maryland is the go-to place for off-track betting, located in Frederick county, in the northwest portion of the state. 

In July 2022, the popular OTB parlor struck a deal with Betfred Sportsbook, granting the gambling giant access to Maryland’s budding sports betting market. As part of the agreement, Betfred will set up a temporary betting shop next to the Maryland Jockey Club’s OTB facility within Long Shot’s. Additionally, Betfred received permission to launch an online app. This will happen once the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission gives the go-ahead.

Long Shot’s offers keno games, but that’s about the closest you can get to a casino experience around here. For full-blown casino action, you should consider going to Horseshoe Casino or Ocean Downs, arguably the best casinos in Maryland

If you’re curious about sports betting at Long Shot’s, this guide will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know. 

Long Shot’s Pros and Cons 


  • Top-tier OTB parlor 
  • Keno and lottery-type games 
  • Betfred-powered retail sportsbook on site and an app (soon) 


  • No casino games 

About Long Shot’s in Maryland 

Long Shot's Maryland Address5400 Holiday Dr, Frederick, MD 21703, United States
Established Long Shot’s opened in 2019; Betfred slated to open a permanent sportsbook in 2023
Sportsbook available?Betfred Sportsbook Maryland
Wagering offeringsOff-track betting, sports betting
Licensed byMaryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission; Sports Wagering Application Review Commission

Long Shot’s is located in Frederick, a city and seat of the county in western Maryland. The city lies in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, less than an hour from Washington, DC.

The venue sits right next to the Clarion Inn Frederick Event Center, conveniently close to Interstate 270, which intersects Route 85 (near Exit 31A), making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists.  

Long Shot’s launched in 2019 and has already achieved immense success, becoming one of the top spots for off-track betting in the state. As of July 2022, it plays home to the Maryland Jockey Club, the country’s oldest sporting organization and one of the leading horse racing brands. The two entities operate an OTB facility within Long Shot’s.

When it comes to gambling at Long Shot’s in Frederick, there’s not much to talk about. Apart from the lottery and keno, the property doesn’t offer any games of chance. Long Shot’s is run by Alice Cohen, making it the first 100% female-owned business in Maryland to host a sportsbook.

Betfred at Long Shot’s 

Long Shot’s was the first company in Maryland to secure a Sports Wagering Facility license, which allows it to offer both online and in-person sports betting products. It received regulatory approval from the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission and the Sports Wagering Advisory Council in early Dec. 2021. Long Shot’s is among 17 entities with a permit to run retail sportsbooks in Maryland

It took a few months for the OTB parlor to find a sports betting partner. Then in July 2022, it joined forces with Betfred, a UK-based gambling giant. With the deal, Maryland became the seventh state with a Betfred Sportsbook, following Arizona, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Louisiana, Colorado, and Washington. 

Betfred is slated to open an 8,800-square-foot retail sportsbook within Long Shot’s, adjacent to the Maryland Jockey Club’s OTB facility. A video wall and a theater-style setting will be among the amenities on offer.

Based on Betfred’s retail sportsbooks in other states, Long Shot’s will have complete coverage of major sports. It’s likely that secondary markets such as golf, soccer, and tennis will also be available, along with college hoops and football. 

Bets Offered at Betfred Sportsbook at Long Shot’s 

As for bet types, Betfred at Long Shot’s will tick all the boxes. An operator with roots in sports betting dating back to 1967 should deliver no less.

Here’s what the upcoming betting program may feature:

  • Moneylines: This is the simplest bet type on the menu. It includes predicting the winner of the contest and nothing else. For instance, if you pick the Baltimore Orioles to win the game and they come out on top, you get a payout — regardless of the margin of victory.
  • Point spread: This bet puts two sides on equal footing, regardless of their strength and perceived ability. There are a few points deducted from the favorite (or whatever the sport’s scoring unit is), and they are added to the underdog’s score. To win a point spread bet on the favorite, that team must win by more points than the spread indicates.
  • Totals: Also referred to as Over/Under, totals is a bet on whether or not the sportsbook’s estimate will add up to the actual game score. Let’s pretend Betfred has set a totals line for the Ravens matchup at 50.5. If you take the Over and the final score ends up being 37-26, you win.
  • Props: Short for propositions, this is a wager on miscellaneous events that aren’t covered by other bet types. This can be anything from the total number of points scored by an NBA player to whether or not an NHL game will go into overtime.
  • Futures: These are season-long bets that cover a wide range of games. They provide hefty payouts but are incredibly difficult to hit. The futures market encompasses categories like MVP winner, Rookie of the Year, conference winner, and more. 
  • Parlay: Put two or more single bets together, and you get a parlay. The more bets you add, the bigger the potential payout. But there’s a catch: all selections that you put in the slip must win for your parlay to be successful. 
  • Teasers: These are multi-bets that revolve around spreads and totals. Namely, with a teaser, you get to customize the spread and total line. The downside is that the payouts will be reduced compared to a standard parlay. 

Long Shot’s Partnership With Betfred 

If you skimmed the previous segments and are still wondering, Does Long Shot’s have a sportsbook?”, the answer is a definitive “Yes.” 

Long Shot’s entered a partnership deal in July 2022 with Betfred Sports, the US subsidiary of Betfred. Originally, there were plans for Betfred to open a temporary sportsbook at Long Shot’s before the NFL season kicked off in September, but those endeavors were shelved. It would appear that a permanent sportsbook is likely to be installed instead, probably in 2023. 

Betfred is a dominant brand in every sector in which it operates, and it’ll likely maintain that status in the Old Line State when the market launches. As a result, here you’ll find some of the best sportsbook promos and bonuses in Maryland, and you might even come across a loyalty program too.

Long Shot’s Amenities 

There’s a standard sports bar menu available at Long Shot’s, which includes smoked barbecue, pizza, sandwiches, and snacks, to name a few. They serve 24 different beers, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages. 

The OTB section has 88 TVs broadcasting race events live from various tracks. In addition to traditional horse races, bettors can place wagers on Racetrax®, a virtual horse racing terminal.

Although Long Shot’s doesn’t offer accommodations, Clarion Inn Frederick Event Center, a full-service hotel, is nearby.

Long Shot’s Customer Support 

Long Shot’s can be reached via the following methods if you need information regarding private dinners, directions, or some other query:

  • Phone: 301-694-7507 
  • Email (contact form on their official website)

Long Shot’s Game Selection 

Long Shot’s doesn’t offer classic casino games. As there are no legal online casinos in Maryland, fans of slots and table games are limited to sweepstakes and social casinos like Chumba Casino

Long Shot’s Maryland FAQ

What's Long Shot’s location?

Long Shot’s is in Frederick, a city in northwest Maryland. It’s located less than an hour from Washington DC

Does Long Shot’s offer casino games?

No, it doesn’t. It’s an OTB facility that’ll have a sportsbook attached. What’s more, it offers lottery-style and keno games. 

What sportsbook will open at Long Shot’s?

Long Shot’s has partnered with Betfred Sportsbook, one of the highest-profile gambling brands in the world. It’s yet unknown when Betfred will open a retail sportsbook on the site.

Will Long Shot’s be able to offer online sports betting?

Yes, it will. As a Sports Wagering Facility license holder, Long Shot’s is eligible to offer mobile sports wagering via an affiliated app (Betfred).

What's the minimum betting age at Long Shot’s?

As far as horse race betting is concerned, the minimum betting age is 18 years or older. When it comes to sports betting, you have to be 21 or over to place wagers at Betfred’s future sportsbook. 

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