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LuckyLand Casino Maryland is a perfect option for casual casino players looking for a way to enjoy their favorite games without having to invest a lot into this activity. But even if you’re an experienced online casino player, you’ll still find all the important games in LuckyLand’s library, as it’s a large casino with plenty to offer.

Even though it’s aimed at casual players, LuckyLand won’t leave you empty-handed. You can still redeem your Sweeps coins for cash prizes, meaning you’ll still have some incentive to play besides just having fun.

Please remember that LuckyLand Casino MD only offers casino games, meaning you won’t find any sports betting or online poker offers.

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LuckyLand Casino Maryland Promo Code January 2023

Even though it’s a social casino, you can still receive bonuses to improve your gaming experience at LuckyLand Casino.

To start playing games, you need to purchase Gold Coins. As a new player, you can get 7,777 Gold Coins for the indicated price on the site plus 10 FREE Sweeps Coins (we’ll explain the difference soon). However, the more you purchase, the more Gold and Sweeps Coins you’ll receive. Use our LuckyLand Casino Maryland promo code link to claim these bonuses. Let’s check out a table of how the purchase bonuses work.

LuckyLand Maryland Promo CodeClick to Claim
New Users Can
Get a $10 Gold Coin Offer for $4.99: 50K Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins
Claim7,777 Gold Coins + 10 FREE Sweeps Coins
Promo Verifed forJanuary 2023

Please remember that the LuckyLand Maryland app reserves the right to change this bonus offer, so it’s best to check the current promo after registering to learn more. The prices also vary from time to time, which is why they’re not included here. Instead, you should check them out after joining LuckyLand.

There’s also a LuckyLand Casino Maryland sign-up bonus, which is also called a Daily Login Bonus. Namely, as soon as you sign up, you can receive 0.30 Sweeps Coins and continue receiving the same amount for free every 24 hours. If you log in and claim it for seven days, you’ll receive 1 Sweeps Coin on the seventh day.


LuckyLand is an online social casino available in Maryland and many other states. It’s mainly made for casual gamers looking for an exciting online casino experience. Players who decide to join LuckyLand Casino Maryland will have a chance to win gold coins, which can be redeemed for interesting prizes.

Even though Gov. Larry Hogan signed the bill HB 940 into law, this only legalized online sports betting as online casinos remain largely unregulated in the Old Line State. At the moment, there’s no information on whether MD officials plan to legalize online casinos.

You could be wondering: is LuckyLand Casino legal in Maryland? The answer is yes. It’s legal to join and play games on the popular online gaming platform. Let’s check out what you can expect as a player. 

Five-Minute Guide to Sweepstake Casinos in Maryland

If you have no experience playing games in social casinos on the web, don’t worry as we have prepared a short guide that’ll help you understand how they work. Ultimately, you’ll understand how LuckyLand Casino works and what you can do to get the best possible experience. 

How Do Social Casinos Work in Maryland? 

Unlike traditional online casinos, their social counterparts don’t feature using real money to play games. Instead, you’ll use Gold Coins to play games, and you’ll also collect Sweeps Coins.

All games on the platform are games of chance, which means only the lucky players will get to earn Gold and Sweeps Coins as rewards. You can use Gold Coins to play even more games or swap the Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. Social casinos are mainly targeted at casual players, meaning the social part of playing games is still the main focus; however, social casinos are also an excellent option for Maryland players who don’t have legal real money options in their state. 

How Does Buying Coins Work at LuckyLand Casino in Maryland?

As stated above, you’ll have to purchase Gold Coins via the LuckyLand Casino Maryland app, which is available for desktop and mobile devices. Simply follow the instructions to make a purchase using one of the available banking methods.

As described in the bonus section, you can receive a sort of LuckyLand Casino Maryland promo if you invest more. Moreover, there are daily free bonuses in the form of Sweeps Coins.

All in all, buying coins is a simple process (no different from purchasing anything else on the web) as LuckyLand accepts all major payment options in the US.   

How Do You Win Cash Prizes by Playing at LuckyLand Casino?

You can’t win cash prizes directly, but it’s possible to redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. The minimum required balance to convert is 50 Sweeps Coins, which are converted at the rate specified in the app. Earning Sweeps Coins is much more difficult compared to earning Gold Coins.


Since the state is yet to legalize online gambling, Chumba is one of the very few sites offering online casino games in Maryland. As such, it provides a great alternative for players who don’t want to travel to one of the state’s land-based venues to have an authentic gaming experience.

At first glance, Chumba Casino looks and feels just like any standard online casino, except it doesn’t fall into that category. There are notable differences in user experience between these two modes of online gaming that deserve attention.

The first thing you might notice is that Chumba’s gaming portfolio is much smaller than that of real-money online casinos. It also features a much more limited selection of table games and no live casino games. However, the social casino’s advantage is in offering proprietary titles you can only play on its site.

Another distinction between Chumba and commercial online casinos is in the winning potential. Since you’re not spending money to play Chumba’s games, you have fewer chances of redeeming cash prizes. Then again, some players enjoy this aspect because they can play as much as they want without making a purchase.


LuckyLand is considered one of the best promotional sweepstakes sites in Maryland, thanks to its generous offer of games, which primarily focuses on online video slots. The last time we checked, there were 85 games, but judging by some older reviews we found online, LuckyLand had fewer titles in the past. Still, 85 games is a decent number for a social casino, which is regulated completely differently from standard online casinos, with games being more focused on entertainment rather than winning.

Some of the most popular games you’ll find are: 

  • Atlantis 10K Ways
  • 10,000 Wonders 10K Ways
  • Snow Queen in 3D
  • Here Money Money
  • Cai Shen Lai
  • Doubloon Diver
  • Classic Clusters
  • Madame Tarot Win Big or Win Often
  • Magician Moolah
  • Immortal Moon

Some online slots offered by LuckyLand feature progressive jackpots. The most popular option is Aztec Quest 10,000 Ways (part of the Jumbo Jackpot progressive pot), just like Adventure Party and Winner & a Movie. They currently offer the highest possible jackpot to LuckyLand Maryland players. Some other progressive jackpot slots are: 

  • Stellar Wilds
  • Jurassic Reels
  • Alice in LuckyLand
  • Neon Valley
  • Power of Ra
  • Pirates Bounty
  • Pow Pow Lions
  • Legendary Wins
  • Schnitz-n-Giggles Must Hit Jackpot
  • Hit’n the Beach Must Hit Jackpot
  • Buffalo Rush
  • Dr. Amazing
  • Galactic Blast
  • Wild Winter
  • Undersea Dreamin’

Overall, LuckyLand has a great collection, and new titles are added every once in a while. We could not give it a 5/5 only due to the lack of table and card games. Then again, everyone who joins LuckyLand doesn’t expect to find games other than slots, as the popular social casino platform is clearly marketed as an online slots app.

Check out other popular online casino games in Maryland offered by social casinos similar to LuckyLand Casino.


To buy new Gold Coins (and receive some Sweeps Coins for free), select the Buy option in the upper left corner and pick the offer. Once you fill in the required information to verify your account, you’ll be taken to a page to select a payment method.

Right now, you can use the following options:

  • Trustly-Secured online banking (covering a range of USA banks)
  • Credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover)
  • Skrill wallet
  • Paysafecard

Redeeming your Sweeps Coins via the LuckyLand Casino Maryland app is also a pretty straightforward process. All you need to do is make a prize redemption request, and the team behind LuckyLand will review it and approve it (usually within 24 hours), provided you make the request Monday through Friday.

This is conducted via your bank account, and banks take on average three-to-five business days to process your request and transfer your cash prize into your bank account. In some cases, you might need to wait up to ten days.


LuckyLand is available for mobile devices as a browser-based or stand-alone app. Unfortunately, the stand-alone app is only available for Android devices, meaning you can only access LuckyLand via your mobile browser if you have an iOS device.

Whether you decide to access the app via browser or native app, you’ll find a similar experience, as the desktop browser-based app is optimized to work smoothly on small screens. More importantly, you’ll be able to access all games and other options that you can access on your desktop device. If you want to go beyond the games offered at LuckyLand Casino, you need to check some of the best slots at Maryland online casinos, most of which are available for mobile devices.

Overall, we loved the LuckyLand MD app, and we would have given it 5/5 if the developers had made the iOS app. However, we have to give it 4/5 as that’s a minor drawback.

Cust Service

LucyLand Casino Maryland customer service is only available via email. Compared to standard online casinos, offering just email without phone or live chat support wouldn’t be enough. However, the support team responds quickly via email and usually provides detailed and helpful answers to your questions. On top of that, LuckyLand Casino features a detailed FAQ section where you can learn more about using the platform. 

Is It Safe to Play LucklyLand Casino in Maryland?

Let’s check out some of the questions concerning the overall safety of LuckyLand Casino in Maryland.

Can I Trust LuckyLand Casino to Pay My Winnings?

The LuckyLand Casino app MD is a legitimate and trustworthy platform with a confirmed history of paying out its players. We just want to give you a heads-up about the waiting period, as the platform needs around 24 hours to process your request to redeem your prizes. On top of that, some banks might require up to 10 business days to process the payment and load your bank account. Contact customer support if you haven’t received your payment after 10 business days. 

Is the LuckyLand Casino App in Maryland Legit?

The most important question of all: is LuckyLand MD legal? Simply put, social casinos don’t belong to the same category as online casinos, and they’re available in all states across the US, except for Washington. Moreover, they’re regulated and operate legally in Maryland and other states. It also means it’s not the only social casino available in MD, as there are several other great competitors, so please check other social casinos in Maryland.

LuckyLand Casino Maryland FAQ

Can I win real money at LuckyLand Casino?

Players can’t play for real money on LuckyLand the way they can on traditional online casinos. Instead, you need to collect Sweeps Coins, which you can later exchange for cash prizes. You need to collect a minimum of 50 Sweeps Coins to exchange them for cash prizes and request to redeem your prize.

How old do I have to be to play LuckyLand Casino in Maryland?

You must be 21 years or older to play at LuckyLand Casino. Even though lotteries, racing, and charitable gambling in Maryland are available for 18+ players, LuckyLand still belongs to the domain of casino gambling, meaning 21 is the minimum age requirement.

Does LuckyLand Casino have an iOS or Android App in Maryland?

LuckyLand Casino only has an Android app in the form of a stand-alone app. However, if you own an iOS mobile device, you can still access the browser-based version of LuckyLand, which isn’t very different from the app. In fact, the developers did a pretty good job fitting the website to small screens without affecting the overall experience.

Do I have to make a purchase to play at LuckyLand Casino?

Once you open an account, you’ll receive free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. However, if you run out of Gold Coins, you’ll have to purchase them. The good news is that these coins are affordable, and you can even receive various promotions if you decide to select larger offers.

In what other states can I play LuckyLand Casino?

LuckyLand Casino is available in all states in the US, except for Washington. Social casinos are legal on the federal level, but Washington’s officials decided not to approve this type of gambling. What matters is that you can play games at LuckyLand Casino in Maryland and any other state.

How do I get paid from Maryland’s LuckyLand Casino if I win?

LuckyLand uses Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins for playing games. The entire ecosystem revolves around these two types of coins, so if you win, you get paid in them. Of course, you can later swap your Sweeps Coins for real prizes or use the Gold Coins you’ve won to extend your stay on LuckyLand.

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