Maryland Online Sports Betting: How to Bet a Same-Game Parlay

One of the hottest trends this year in online sports betting has been the same-game parlay (SGP). For years, sportsbooks have been reluctant to offer SGPs to customers, but that’s all changed recently. Now, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an online book that doesn’t provide this year’s hottest bet.

As md sports betting inches closer to allowing mobile wagering inches closer to reality in Maryland, many folks in the Old Line State might be wondering what a same-game parlay is and how to bet it. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs, and get ready to cash in on some SGPs when online betting finally gets underway in MD.

What Is a Same-Game Parlay?

For those new to sports betting, a parlay is when you bet on multiple sporting events (referred to as legs) on the same ticket to multiply your winnings. You have to win all your legs to get paid, but you’ll be rewarded with large payouts when they hit.

A same-game parlay is simply making two or more bets on a single game. You can combine various bets on the same slip, including moneyline, point spread, total, game props, and player props. It’s a perfect way to build up a ticket on those standalone Monday and Thursday NFL games.

There are different ways to approach SGPs, and it’s up to you to decide on the game’s narrative to determine how you will play it.

Correlated Bets

One of the most popular strategies for SGPs is making a correlated bet. A correlated bet is when you make up a story in your mind of how the game will go and then bet accordingly. For example, let’s say that you think the Baltimore Ravens are going to crush the New York Giants. Your SGP might look something like this:

  • Ravens -5 (-110)
  • Lamar Jackson Over 55 rushing yards (-115)
  • Saquon Barkley Under 85 rushing yards (-115)

$10 wager x +570 (combined odds) = $66.80

You believe the Ravens will win big in this situation, so you take them at -5. Your subsequent two bets are correlated because they support your story of Baltimore winning big. There’s a good chance that if they blow out the Giants, Lamar Jackson will have a great game running the ball. And if they have a huge lead, it also means that the Giants will have to throw the ball, therefore limiting Saquon Barkley’s rushing yards.

Uncorrelated Bets

You can also go the uncorrelated bet route, which will often produce bigger odds. This is when your bets contradict themselves, making it less likely that the outcome will happen. Let’s look at a hypothetical Washington Commanders vs. Chicago Bears example.

  • Commanders -7 (-110)
  • Carson Wentz Under 235 passing yards (+125)
  • Just Fields Over 250 passing yards (+150)

$10 wager x +974 (combined odds) = $107.44

Here, you expect the Commanders to win big, so you take them at -7. But you must have a hunch that they’ll be running the ball a lot because you have Wentz to throw for under 235 yards. To make it even more uncorrelated, you have the opposing quarterback, Justin Fields, to have a big game and throw for over 250 yards.

The odds for this bet are much longer than the previous correlated bet because the sportsbooks believe this situation is much more unlikely to happen.

Do Your Research and Build a Story

A solid SGP strategy comes down to research. These can be tricky bets to win, but if you do your homework, there can be some value to be had. Let’s say you did some digging and discovered that the Ravens had lost every game this year when Mark Andrews didn’t catch a touchdown. If that’s the case, and you think the Ravens will win their next game, it makes sense to combine a Baltimore win with an Andrews TD. There are many scenarios like that, and it’s up to you to find one you like.

Same-game parlays aren’t limited to the NFL. You’ll be able to construct an SGP in sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey at many popular online sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings. Make sure you shop around for the best odds before you place your wager. There can be significant differences (especially on prop bets) between the books, and you want to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Maryland Lottery and Gaming (MLG) Director John Martin recently said he expects many Maryland online sportsbooks to be operating by Super Bowl, and some potentially as early as November.

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