Betting On The Washington Capitals In Maryland

Online and retail bettors can now wager on the Washington Capitals in Maryland. The Capitals have been a perennial playoff contender recently, and they won the Stanley Cup in the 2017-2018 season. Here’s what you need to know about betting on the NHL and the Washington Capitals.

Top Sports Betting Apps In Maryland

Maryland saw sports betting apps launch in November 2022. Bettors also have access to retail sportsbooks in the state. Whether you bet online or in person, the following sportsbooks should be on your radar.

DraftKings Sportsbook Maryland

  • Available platforms: Both iOS and Android users can find the app in each operator’s respective app stores.

Caesars Maryland

  • Bonus offer: New Caesars Maryland users can get up to $1,500 back as a free bet (with $101 wager or higher) or get a $100 free bet (with $100 wager or less – $20 minimum) depending on how much the initial wager is. Use code SHARPBETPICS.
  • Available platforms: Caesars is available on Android and iOS platforms.

BetMGM Maryland

  • Available platforms: BetMGM is available on Android and iOS platforms.

FanDuel Sportsbook Maryland

  • Available platforms: Users of both iOS and Android can find the app in each operator’s respective app stores.

      PointsBet Maryland

      • Available platforms: PointsBet is available on Android and iOS platforms.

        BetRivers Sportsbook Maryland

        • Bonus offer: BetRivers Sportsbook doesn’t rely on its bonus offer to maintain its place within the industry. Still, those new to the app are entitled to a second-chance free bet up to $500 using code SHARPRIV.
        • Available platforms: BetRivers is available on Android and iOS platforms.

        How To Bet On The Capitals From Maryland

        Legal online sports betting arrived in Maryland in 2022, and bettors can also visit retail sportsbooks to place a bet. There are seven mobile betting apps available that offer several wagering options for those looking to place bets on the Washington Capitals.

        How To Bet On The NHL Playoffs In Maryland

        The quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup begins in May, but you can bet on it at any time. It’s called a futures bet, and the payoff can be huge if you put your money on a dark horse that comes through the playoffs to win the Cup. For example, if the Caps are rated at +500, that means you can put $100 down on a futures bet, and if they win the Cup, you’ll collect $500.

        How Are NHL Odds Calculated?

        Let’s jump back to 8th-grade math where you were first exposed to the laws of probability and the concept of odds, probably with a pair of dice, or maybe flipping a coin.

        Determining the odds in a professional or major college sporting event is a bit more complicated than counting heads or tails, but it remains a probability question.

        History, offensive strength compared to defensive strength, home or away, sidelined players, trades, coaching changes, and more are among the disparate factors that go into determining the odds on a game. It’s the same for the NHL as it is for the NFL, MLB, or NCAA football and basketball.

        An added calculation is often called the “smart money” with recorded bets on one team compared to another. For instance, the Capitals might have a $4.7 million bet on them to cover in a Game 5 playoff contest with the Red Wings, while Detroit has $3.2 million on their tally.

        That means the “smart money” thinks the Caps are the favorite, and you’ll have to give points (or goals in the case of hockey) for an even bet. The other option is for “long shot” bettors who will take the underdog, take the points, and hope the underdog can cover the spread.

        Popular Ways To Bet On The Caps

        Once you’ve chosen a gambling app, you’ll need to decide on how to bet. That might seem a little silly; don’t you just bet on which team is going to win? That’s an easy yes and no answer. If you place a moneyline bet, that’s all you’re doing: betting on whether the Capitals win or lose.

        There is much more to NHL betting, though, than simply wagering on who wins or loses a game.

        The puck line or goal spread is similar to the point spread in a football bet. For example, if the Caps are -1.5 goals against the Flyers, a bet pays on the Caps if they win by more than one goal. If the Flyers lose by just one goal or win, your bet on Washington loses.

        An interesting option in the NHL is the 60-minute line. It’s a bet that covers only regulation play. You can bet on the Caps to win, the Flyers to win, or for the first three periods to end in a tie. The odds are higher in this bet.

        Parlays are combination bets, akin to betting on win and place in a horse race. You place a bet on two teams. For example, if you bet on both the Caps and the Penguins, and both win, you win the bet. Since you’re wagering on two unique outcomes, the risks are greater, but so are the payoffs.

        It’s not a sandwich, but you can be a ham if you don’t correctly bet a grand salami. This is a fun bet for many gamblers, allowing them to wager on how many goals are scored in a given day by all the teams on the ice.

        Some people will bet on anything. If two birds are on a telephone line, they’ll wager on which one flies off first. That’s the essence of a prop bet. It’s a proposition you can make on just about anything in a game. For example, how many goals does a player score? How many shots on goal does the goalie save? Those are just a couple of examples.

        Over/under is a common bet in football, baseball, and basketball. It’s also available in hockey. It doesn’t matter who wins. It’s the combined goal total in a game. If you think the Caps and Flyers will score fewer than seven combined goals, and the over/under is 6.5 goals, then you can bet the Under. You’ll win if the final score is 4-2 or any other score that is less than seven total goals scored by both teams. Conversely, if you bet the Over, you’ll win if the total number of goals is seven or more.

        Washington Capitals Sports Betting FAQs

        Can I legally bet on the Capitals in Maryland?

        Yes. Retail sportsbooks are available in Maryland, including BetMGM at MGM National Harbor. Online sportsbooks also launched in November 2022. 

        How popular is betting on the Washington Capitals?

        Hockey and the NHL borders on a mania for many fans. The Caps have a huge fan base. When they play the Flyers, Penguins, Blackhawks, or Red Wings, that fan interest explodes with fans of the opposing teams putting their money down on their team or betting the odds against the Caps. That said, betting on the NHL is not as popular as betting on football or basketball for most bettors.

        What is the closest sportsbook to Capital One Arena?

        Now that online sports betting has launched, the answer is your cell phone, tablet, or PC. If you would prefer to make the bet in person, you can visit the Caesars Sportsbook at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore.

        Where can I bet on the NHL playoffs in Maryland?

        Maryland residents can now bet online using either their desktop or mobile device. Maryland also has retail sportsbook locations that bettors can visit. See a full list of Maryland retail sports betting locations.

        Is DraftKings legal in Maryland?

        Yes, DraftKings is now live in Maryland, and it will likely be one of the top sportsbooks in the state.

        Is FanDuel legal in Maryland?

        Yes, FanDuel is now available in Maryland. FanDuel Maryland will most likely be one of the leaders in the state, as it’s one of the most popular betting apps in the US. Learn about its bonus offer for new Maryland bettors here.

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