NBA Finals Odds In Maryland

The NBA Finals is the premier event in professional basketball, and Maryland bettors can now take part with online wagering.

Sportsbooks — and their respective mobile apps — calculate each NBA team’s odds and adjust them throughout the season in relation to how they’re performing. They also take developments that unfold throughout the year (injuries, trades, etc.) into consideration.

Bettors can choose to wager on one of the favorites if they’re so inclined. And of course, some people love to bet on long shots like the most popular team in Maryland, the Washington Wizards.

Learn everything you need to know about the NBA Finals odds here.

Current NBA Finals Odds

The best way to find the current NBA Finals odds is to visit the NBA section of an online sportsbook. Generally speaking, there will be similarities across the available in-state sportsbooks. However, bettors — prospective, novice, and experienced — are encouraged to download and utilize multiple sportsbooks in order to land the best odds. Case in point: at one time prior to the start of the 2022-2023 NBA Season, the Brooklyn Nets owned the shortest odds on FanDuel (+260), DraftKings (+245), and BetMGM Sportsbooks (+250). 

The difference between the Nets’ odds at FanDuel and DraftKings for the NBA Finals may seem minor. Is it really necessary to have multiple sportsbook apps for such a modest difference in odds? While a difference of 10 or 15 may feel negligible, over the long run, taking advantage of value between sportsbooks can lead to more success over time for those looking to turn sports gambling into a regular hobby or practice.

Bettors new to the industry may think success starts and ends with winning a bet. However, long-term success requires attention to value that can be obtained within the margins.

Can I Bet On The NBA Finals Online In Maryland?

Considering the magnitude of the NBA Finals, finding odds on the championship series won’t be difficult for bettors in states where mobile sports betting is legal. Not every app is currently available in each state that has legalized and launched, but bettors will generally have multiple choices in their state. The following states have legalized online betting: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Bettors will tend to find similar experiences across the various apps. However, by keeping multiple sportsbook apps in the rotation, bettors can cover their bases when it comes to subtle differences across features and securing the best odds at the moment of a wager. 

Here are some of the options for sportsbooks in Maryland and their accompanying welcome bonuses for new players:

DraftKings Sportsbook Maryland

  • Available platforms: Both iOS and Android users can find the app in each operator’s respective app store.

Caesars Maryland

  • Bonus offer: New Caesars Maryland users can get up to $1,500 back as a free bet (with $101 wager or higher) or get a $100 free bet (with $100 wager or less – $20 minimum) depending on how much the initial wager is. Use code SHARPBETPICS.
  • Available platforms: Caesars is available on Android and iOS platforms.

BetMGM Maryland

  • Available platforms: BetMGM is available on Android and iOS platforms.

FanDuel Sportsbook Maryland

  • Available platforms: Users of both iOS and Android can find the app in each operator’s respective app store.

      PointsBet Maryland

      • Available platforms: PointsBet is available on Android and iOS platforms.

        BetRivers Sportsbook Maryland

        • Bonus offer: BetRivers Sportsbook doesn’t rely on its bonus offer to maintain its place within the industry. Still, those new to the app are entitled to a second-chance free bet up to $500 using code SHARPRIV.
        • Available platforms: BetRivers is available on Android and iOS platforms.

        How To Place Online NBA Finals Bets

        Maryland bettors in the market for an NBA Finals bet will first need to choose the sportsbook(s) through which they’ll place a wager. There are a lot of sportsbooks available for bettors new to the industry. It’s recommended to utilize multiple sportsbooks, but at least one must be chosen to begin.

        The next step is to register for an account. Bettors will be required to provide personal information to verify identity and location before registration can be finalized.

        Once completely registered, a bettor can make an initial deposit. Be sure to understand what a sportsbook’s bonus offer is before depositing money. Bonus offers are typically reserved for an initial offer, so bettors will only have one chance to claim its full value. Deposit options vary across sportsbooks, but most allow deposits via bank transfers, credit and debit cards, Play+ cards, VIP Preferred e-checks, and PayPal.

        Withdrawals can be requested via several of the same methods through which a deposit is made. It may take three to five business days before the money becomes available.

        How NBA Finals Betting Odds Are Calculated

        NBA Finals betting odds are dynamic and fluctuate throughout the entire year based on a number of factors. Big events such as a major free agent signing, blockbuster trade, or significant injury will spark a change in a team’s futures odds. 

        Sportsbooks post odds from game to game as well. The most popular odds in the US are referred to as “moneyline” odds in which the number is accompanied by a minus (-) sign to indicate the favorite or a plus (+) sign to indicate the underdog.

        If the Washington Wizards are playing the reigning NBA champions, they’ll likely be an underdog, perhaps +130 for example. In this case, a bettor would risk $100 for the opportunity to net $130 in the event of a Wizards win. However, if the Wizards are facing a weaker team, they may draw -130 odds as the favorite. In this case, a bettor would put up $130 for the chance to net $100 after a Wizards victory.

        From game to game, small events can spark a significant change in the odds. For example, if Bradley Beal is ruled out for the night’s game, the Wizards will see their odds lengthen for that game, but a short absence won’t further lengthen their NBA Finals chances in the eyes of the oddsmakers.

        NBA Finals Odds And Betting

        NBA fans looking to add some excitement with some bets will have a number of options. In addition to moneyline wagers, futures and prop bets present an appealing path through which sports bettors can take in the action on the hardwood. 

        What Is An NBA Futures Bet?

        Futures bets involve the odds of a team winning the NBA Finals. Professionals at sportsbooks will set the odds for individual teams to win it all. They’ll also produce odds for the postseason matchups leading up to the NBA Finals. Significant events such as the formation of a “super team,” blockbuster trades, or long-term injuries to key players will influence the odds. Futures bets can also be placed on division and conference winners and the NBA MVP and other awards.

        What Is An NBA Prop Bet?

        Prop bets can be a lot of fun for bettors who are looking for ways to enjoy the action beyond wins and losses. Prop bets are based on the occurrence of a particular event and can be focused on a team or an individual player. Bettors may place a wager on what team will win the opening jump ball. Or they may pick the Over or Under on total points, rebounds, and assists that a specific player will collect in a game.

        Additionally, prop bets can be for a single game, a playoff series, or the entire season. 

        Strategies For NBA Finals Betting In Maryland

        There isn’t a widely available “playbook” for those looking to venture into sports gambling. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind to maximize enjoyment and perhaps finish the season with a profit.

        Bet Within Your Means

        First and foremost, prospective bettors should make sure they’re gambling responsibly. It can be easy to become enticed by large potential payouts and tempted to chase what seems like a quick and easy infusion of cash. However, there are far more people who have landed in financial trouble from over-betting than those who are able to make a living out of sports betting. Especially for those new to the industry, it’s a good idea to explore it as a hobby as opposed to a source of income.

        Options Provide Value

        Many veteran sports bettors will tell you that success is found within the margins. It’s not a glamorous “secret” to profitability, but bettors are encouraged to shop around various sportsbooks. Odds on different sportsbooks will typically land on a very similar — or identical — number as a contest draws near. However, from the time that the odds open until the event begins, bettors can find small pockets of value. For instance, upon opening, the line on a game may be 3 points. A vigilant bettor may be able to find 3.5 or 2.5 by shopping around for different odds. This extra attention can play a significant role in a bettor’s overall success.

        Quality Over Quantity

        One of the factors that will determine how an oddsmaker adjusts the price on a contest is the money that’s coming on either side. However, not all bets — even big ones — are created equal. A run-of-the-mill sports fan who decides to put $5,000 on the Brooklyn Nets to win the NBA Finals won’t have the same influence as a “sharp” bettor who places the same wager. Understanding the sources of wagers can provide valuable insight for bettors.

        Betting Odds For The NBA Finals FAQ

        Is betting on the NBA Finals legal in the US?

        Yes. People can bet on the NBA Finals in states that allow sports betting. The list of states in which mobile sports betting has been legalized and launched continues to grow. This now includes Maryland, where online sports betting apps launched in November 2022. 

          Where can I bet on the NBA Finals online?

          Considering the popularity and global appeal of the NBA, it won’t be difficult to find apps to place a bet on the NBA Finals. That includes futures wagers and bets on individual games.

            How old do I need to be to bet on the NBA Finals?

            A bettor needs to be 21 years old to legally place a bet. That includes wagers on the NBA Finals and all other events.

              Is it safe to bet on the NBA Finals online?

              Betting online is arguably the safest method to place a bet. Online sportsbook apps are regulated by state governments, so the pitfalls that exist through unregulated — and illegal — methods are less likely. And whereas someone betting offshore may not have support in the event of an issue, legal online sportsbooks provide much better customer service.

                Do online sportsbooks offer live betting during the NBA Finals?

                Those looking for live betting will want to check on each individual app. Live betting is a popular feature that more sportsbook apps are offering to their users. This feature will likely be available for the NBA Finals on the platforms that provide it.

                  What kind of prop bets are there for the NBA Finals?

                  Prop bets are often most plentiful during one-off events such as the Super Bowl or NBA All-Star game. However, prop bets are becoming more widespread and will likely be available to those looking for them during the NBA Finals. If other sports are any indication, bettors will be able to find team and player-related prop bets during the playoffs.

                    Are there off-the-court events on which I can bet?

                    Off-the-court happenings are not as plentiful as on-court events when it comes to placing wagers. One of the most common “off field” bets is the length of the national anthem during the Super Bowl. The NBA Finals is a major event, but it’s not a one-off game that lends itself to the same degree of production. Sportsbooks and their apps are constantly competing with one another and pushing to satisfy their users though, so it’s worth poking around various apps if off-the-court bets are of particular interest.

                      Who is the current NBA Finals favorite?

                      The current NBA Finals favorite often changes from year to year and also during each year as oddsmakers react to how the season is going for each team and any major personnel changes. To find the current odds, go to the section of a sportsbook that covers NBA futures bets. You can learn more about odds here.


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