Stanley Cup Odds

The Stanley Cup Playoffs feature some of the most thrilling action in all of sports. Why not enhance the excitement with a little betting action? The expansion of sports betting throughout the US is bringing more eyes to the NHL, and the league is full of superstar players and teams — but only one franchise can be Stanley Cup Champions at the end of the season.

Sportsbooks and their respective mobile apps employ professionals who set Stanley Cup odds at the very beginning of the offseason and proceed to adjust them throughout the regular season and playoffs.

Current Stanley Cup Odds

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin with 16 teams in the hunt for the Stanley Cup. While the odds for the Stanley Cup Final will often be similar across various sportsbook apps, bettors are encouraged to utilize multiple sportsbooks in order to find the best odds on the team(s) on which they want to wager.

The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup last season, and they seem primed for another run at hoisting Lord Stanley. They are the current favorite to win the 2022-23 Stanley Cup on most betting platforms. Other teams in the hunt include the Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers, and Carolina Hurricanes.

Here are the Stanley Cup odds on DraftKings Sportsbook as of August 11:

  • Colorado Avalanche +400
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +850
  • Florida Panthers +850
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1100
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +1200
  • Edmonton Oilers +1600
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1800
  • Vegas Golden Knights +1900

Along with Stanley Cup odds, hockey fans can bet on individual Stanley Cup Playoff games. Popular wagers include moneylines, puck lines (spreads), game totals, player props and parlays.

How Stanley Cup Odds Are Calculated

Stanley Cup futures odds are set by professional oddsmakers at the beginning of the offseason. They can then fluctuate throughout the course of the offseason, regular season, and playoffs. Instances such as trades, free agent signings, and injuries can encourage a substantial shift in odds.

Events like a short-term injury or absence will also force a price shift for an individual game. For example, if the Avalanche open as short -105 favorites ahead of a matchup but lose a key player to injury before the puck drops, the odds may shift to +105.

Where Can I Bet On The Stanley Cup Online In Maryland

Those who live in states that have legalized and launched mobile sports betting will have a number of sportsbook apps through which they can place wagers. While not every sportsbook app will be available in each state that has legalized and launched mobile gambling, most states will have multiple apps operating within their borders. Ultimately, prospective bettors will not have an issue finding odds for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

DraftKings Sportsbook Maryland

  • Available platforms: Both iOS and Android users will be able to find the app in each operators’ respective app stores.

BetMGM Maryland

  • Available platforms: BetMGM is available on Android and iOS platforms.

BetRivers Sportsbook Maryland

  • Available platforms: BetRivers is available on Android and iOS platforms.

FanDuel Sportsbook Maryland

  • Available platforms: Users of both iOS and Android will be able to find the app in each operators’ respective app stores.

      PointsBet Maryland

      • Available platforms: PointsBet is available on Android and iOS platforms.

      How To Place Online Stanley Cup Finals Bets In Maryland

      As of August, all sports bets in Maryland must be placed in person at one of the following locations:

      • Horseshoe Casino Baltimore
      • MGM National Harbor
      • Maryland Live! Casino & Hotel
      • Hollywood Casino Perryville
      • Ocean Downs Casino
      • Bingo World Baltimore

      The hope is that mobile betting is launched before the end of 2022. Once that happens, follow these steps to get started with mobile betting:

      It may sound overly simple, but the first thing a Maryland bettor who wants to bet on the Stanley Cup needs to do is decide on a sportsbook app. It’s recommended that bettors utilize multiple apps in their rotation in order to find the best odds for the team on which they’re wagering.

      No matter the sportsbook app a bettor chooses, they will need to register an account. Apps require users to provide personal information in order to verify location and identity. Don’t be alarmed here! It can be natural to feel hesitant about providing these personal credentials, but it’s a necessary step for new bettors to complete. Those who are hesitant should consider that the sportsbook apps are approved and regulated by each state’s government. And the experience is ultimately safer and more secure than alternative illegal methods.

      Once users have completed the registration process, they are ready to make an initial deposit. Be sure to understand what a sportsbook’s bonus offer is before submitting money. Bonus offers are typically reserved for an initial offer, so bettors will only have one chance to claim its full value. Deposit and withdrawal options vary across sportsbooks, but most allow transactions via bank transfers, credit and debit cards, Play+ cards, VIP Preferred e-checks, and PayPal. While a deposit is available immediately, don’t be alarmed if a withdrawal takes up to three to five business days.

      NHL Stanley Cup Odds And Betting in Maryland

      Betting on individual matchups is a popular way for fans to engage more deeply in the action. However, there are other popular wagers that bettors can consider. Futures bets and prop bets are both prominent within the industry.

      What Is An NHL Stanley Cup Futures Bet?

      Futures odds involve the chances of a team to win that season’s championship. In the case of the Stanley Cup, next season’s initial odds are posted immediately following the crowning of that season’s Stanley Cup champion. These prices fluctuate throughout the offseason and season due to a variety of factors.

      The offseason is when bettors may see some of the most significant shifts in odds as teams address their weaknesses, bolster their strengths, or lose a number of key players. However, in-season occurrences, such as a significant injury or blockbuster trade, can warrant a significant shift in the chances oddsmakers are pinning to individual teams.

      Futures odds require more significant events to move the line than money line odds. If FanDuel Sportsbook lists the Washington Capitals as +2200 to win the Stanley Cup, a couple of losses or a minor injury — even to a star player — typically won’t result in longer odds.

      What Is An NHL Prop Bet?

      Prop bets can be a lot of fun for bettors who are looking for ways to enjoy the action beyond wins and losses. Prop bets are based on the occurrence of a particular event and can be focused on a team or an individual player. Bettors may be able to place a wager on what team wins the opening face-off, for example, or bet on an individual player’s performance. Prop bets are available for individual games and series, but they’re also available for season-long bets such as who will win the Conn Smythe trophy as the league’s MVP.

      Strategies For Stanley Cup Betting in Maryland

      There are plenty of strategies for bettors to consider. Both general sports bettors and those specifically interested in the NHL and the Stanley Cup.

      Among the best strategies successful bettors will share is that it’s important to utilize multiple books in order to find the best price. Even though odds are often similar from book to book, those vigilant about shopping around different apps’ odds will often be able to find more favorable numbers for the team on which they want to wager.

      Another skill that behooves a bettor to develop is the ability to understand the source of bets. Oddsmakers adjust numbers not only based on how much money comes on a certain side, but also from whom. A “sharp” bettor who lays $1,000 on the favorite is more likely to influence a sportsbooks odds than the same bet from the “public”.

      And finally, while it’s not a fun strategy, it’s arguably the most important. Bettors want to be sure they are wagering within their means. It’s far easier to land in financial hot water than it is to become rich from betting.

      Stanley Cup Betting Odds FAQs

      Is betting on the Stanley Cup legal in the US?

      Yes. Betting on the Stanley Cup is legal in the states in which legalized sports betting has been launched. The list of states in which sports gambling is legal is growing, and Maryland joined the fun last winter with the rollout of retail sports betting. Mobile betting could be launched in the state in the second half of 2022.

      Where can I bet on the Stanley Cup online in Maryland?

      Sportsbook apps that are launched in Maryland will offer Stanley Cup odds, so prospective bettors won’t have difficulty placing wagers on the Washington Capitals or any other NHL team they fancy in a particular bet. Most sports betting apps divide wagers by sport, so all you will have to do is find the NHL odds page to place bets on the Stanley Cup.

      How old do I need to be to bet on the Stanley Cup?

      A bettor needs to be 21 years old in order to place a bet on the Stanley Cup, or any other sporting event featured on a sportsbook in Maryland. That is the minimum age requirement to participate in all sports betting acitivity in the state.

      Is it safe to place a Stanley Cup bet online?

      Betting through legal online sportsbook apps is the safest way to place a Stanley Cup bet online. These apps, including DraftKings, are licensed and regulated by the state and provide security and service to bettors they won’t find through illegal measures. Bettors should stay away from illegal and offshore betting sites, as they offer little to no security for your money and personal information.

      Do online sportsbooks offer live betting during the Stanley Cup?

      Each sportsbook app is different, so it’s necessary for bettors to check the fine print. However, many sportsbook apps offer live betting among their features. Bettors can utilize live betting during the Stanley Cup on the appropriate apps.

      What kind of prop bets are there for the Stanley Cup?

      Prop bets can be found for teams and individual players during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Examples of a team prop bet may be what team scores first, or over/under total goals for a team. Player-specific prop bets include goals, assists, shots on goal, or saves. Other include who will win the Finals MVP.

      Can I bet on events happening off the ice?

      While it’s not totally uncommon for bets to be available for off-the-ice events — think the over/under on the length of the national anthem prior to the Super Bowl — these types of bets are most frequent during large one-off events. Hockey bettors may have more luck finding these novel off-the-ice bets for the All-Star game than the Stanley Cup.

      Who is the current Stanley Cup favorite for 2023?

      While the specific odds vary across different sportsbook apps, the Colorado Avalanche are the current favorites to win the 2023 Stanley Cup on DraftKings (+400). 

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