World Series Odds

No matter the time of year, it’s never too early to start looking at the World Series betting market. Maryland’s team, the Baltimore Orioles, may still be quite far removed from competing for a World Series title, but that won’t preclude Maryland bettors from looking to place a wager (or two) on the Fall Classic.

Just as they do for other sports, oddsmakers and sportsbooks post World Series odds all year. These odds fluctuate throughout the season, so if you are looking to place a World Series futures bet, it’s important to stay on top of the standings and odds. Here’s what you need to know about betting on the World Series in Maryland. 

Current World Series Odds

The best way to find the current World Series odds is to check major sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars. Because the odds vary between sportsbooks, we advise that Maryland bettors download multiple sportsbook apps. This way, you can easily see which platform is offering the best odds for your bets.

Can I Bet On The World Series In Maryland?

Yes. Online sportsbooks have launched in Maryland, and bettors can place wagers on the World Series on their websites or through their apps. Bets on the World Series can also be placed at retail casinos in Maryland which include:

  • Horseshoe Casino Baltimore – Caesars
  • MGM National Harbor – BetMGM
  • Maryland Live! Casino & Hotel – FanDuel
  • Hollywood Casino Perryville 
  • Ocean Downs Casino – TwinSpires

In total, 17 retail locations were designated in the Maryland sports wagering law. These include casinos, horse tracks, sports facilities, off-track betting locations, and bingo halls.

    How To Bet On The World Series Online In Maryland

    Now that online betting has launched in Maryland, the first thing bettors should do is to peruse their options for World Series bets. There are a number of sportsbooks from which bettors can choose, and while the odds will ultimately land in a very similar range–if not wind up identical altogether–bettors can find different numbers at various points throughout the season. This can be helpful for finding small edges in value, as one sportsbook may offer better odds on a World Series bet than its competitors Whether the choice is one specific sportsbook app or multiple, it’s the first step. Next on the itinerary is registering an account, making an initial deposit, and proceeding to make a bet.

    To finalize registration, bettors will be required to provide personal information. This may give some new bettors pause, but it’s a necessary step that is in the best interest of both the sportsbook and the users. Information required may include age, address, and Social Security number to verify identity. Once your information is verified, you can make a deposit and start betting. 

    Deposit options vary across sportsbooks, but most allow deposits via bank transfers, credit and debit cards, Play+ cards, VIP Preferred e-checks, and PayPal. 

    Withdrawal requests may take a little more time to process, but bettors will select their method of choice and the amount they’d like to withdraw. It may take three to five business days before the money becomes available.

    World Series odds across sportsbooks will generally be similar, so there’s no one app that has the “best” odds. However, new bettors are encouraged to download and utilize multiple sportsbook apps. From the time that odds open until the contest takes place, the odds adjust and fluctuate, which presents bettors with opportunities to find value on their wager(s). The following are a few of the sportsbooks that offer odds for the Fall Classic.

    • DraftKings Maryland Sportsbook promo offer: DraftKings Sportsbook offers a $50 free bet with as little as a $5 deposit. DraftKings also offers a 20 percent deposit match bonus up to $1,000. DraftKings is a powerhouse in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry, and they’re finding success on the sports betting front as well.
    • BetMGM Maryland bonus code SHARP: Users new to BetMGM can use bonus code “SHARP” for up to a $1,000 in first bet insurance. The bonus is one of the best in the industry.
    • BetRivers Maryland Sportsbook affiliate code SHARP250: BetRivers Sportsbook doesn’t have the industry’s best bonus offer, but it’s helpful for those new to the app. New bettors can receive a $250 deposit match upon signing up and making their first deposit.
    • FanDuel Maryland Sportsbook promo offer: New FanDuel Sportsbook bettors can receive up to $1,000 in first bet insurance when they make their initial deposit.
    • PointsBet Maryland promo offer: PointsBet offers new bettors up to $2,000 in betting insurance (across two wagers).

    How World Series Betting Odds Are Calculated

    World Series betting odds are fluid and fluctuate based on a number of factors that sportsbooks and oddsmakers take into consideration over the course of the year — not just the season, but the entire calendar year. These factors include winning and losing streaks, as well as major personnel changes like trades, free agent signings, and injuries.

    The most popular odds in the US are referred to as “money line” odds in which the number is accompanied by a minus (-) sign to indicate the favorite or a plus (+) sign to indicate the underdog.

    The Baltimore Orioles are currently in the midst of a serious rebuilding project, so they are not expected to be on the favored side of most matchups. If they face off against the New York Yankees, for example, it won’t be a surprise to see them with plus-money odds. If they’re listed at +120, a bettor will wager $100 for the chance to net $120 in the event of an Orioles win. On the other side, if the bettor wants to wager on the Yankees at -120, he or she will need to put up $120 for the chance to net $100.

    On a game-to-game basis, a minor event — injury, suspension, pitching matchup, etc. — can encourage a substantial shift in odds. If a team’s ace starting pitcher is scratched from his start due to illness, that team may be less likely to win that night’s matchup. However, it’s not going to relegate them from a World Series favorite to a dark horse.

    MLB World Series Odds And Betting

    There are a number of wager types for sports fans — and baseball bettors specifically — to place throughout the season. In addition to money line wagers, futures and prop bets present appealing ways for sports bettors to get in on the action. 

    What Is An MLB Futures Bet?

    Futures bets involve the odds of a team winning the World Series. Professionals at sportsbooks will set the odds for individual teams to win it all. They’ll also produce odds for the postseason matchups that lead up to the Fall Classic. Significant events such as a major free agent spending spree, blockbuster trades, or long-term injuries to key players will alter a team’s chances of winning in the eyes of the oddsmakers. Other futures bets include division and league winners and awards like the American League MVP and Cy Young.

    What Is An MLB Prop Bet?

    Prop bets can be a lot of fun for bettors who want to dive into wagers that go beyond who will win and who will lose. Prop bets are based on the occurrence of a particular event and can be focused on a team or an individual player. Bettors may wager on what team will score first. Or they may pick the Over or Under on total hits, runs, and RBI that a specific player will collect in a game. Additionally, prop bets can be for a single game, a playoff series, or the entire season. 

    Strategies For World Series Betting In Maryland

    While there’s no official blueprint for long-term betting success, there are a few foundational strategies from which every bettor — novice and experienced — can benefit.

    Moderation Is Key

    Perhaps the most important thing is for bettors to bet within their limits. The appeal of a big payday can be significant. However, far more bettors land themselves in financial trouble than those who get rich off of sports betting. Remember, generally speaking, a bettor who manages to win 52 percent of his or her wagers is considered successful.

    Multiple Sportsbooks

    Sportsbooks will generally land on similar odds for events. However, from the time that odds open until the event takes place, bettors may be able to find small pockets of value by comparing sportsbooks. For example, Team A may be +900 on one sportsbook and a more appealing +950 on another. That may seem like a small difference, but it can be significant in the long run.

    Follow The Money (And Its Source)

    Odds fluctuate on a number of factors. Among them is the money coming in on each side of a bet. However, the quality of a bet is as important as the quantity in this case. $5,000 of “public” money won’t have the same impact on a line as a “sharp” bettor placing $5,000 on a side.

    Betting Odds For The World Series FAQ

    Is betting on the World Series legal in the US and in Maryland?

    Yes. People can bet on the World Series in states that allow sports betting, a list that continues to grow. It is also legal to bet on the World Series in Maryland through either online or retail sportsbooks.

    Where can I bet on the World Series online?

    Prospective bettors won’t have difficulty finding a sportsbook app that offers World Series odds. Any competitive sportsbook app that hits the market will offer betting odds for the Fall Classic. Online sports betting has launched in Maryland, and betting at retail sportsbooks is also available.

    How old do I need to be to bet on the World Series?

    A bettor needs to be 21 years old to place a bet on the World Series or any other event.

    Is it safe to place a World Series bet online?

    It’s natural to have reservations over the safety of betting online. However, betting through a legal online sportsbook app is one of the safest ways to place a wager. The apps are regulated by the state, and users are verified. It’s a much safer process than betting offshore or through illegal measures.

    Do online sportsbooks offer live betting during the World Series?

    Many sportsbook apps offer live betting among their features. Bettors can utilize live betting during the World Series on the appropriate apps.

    What kind of prop bets are there for the World Series?

    Prop bets can be found for teams and individuals during the World Series. An example of a team prop bet may be “What team scores first?” while a player-specific prop may be “Will Player X total Over/Under 3.5 hits, runs, and RBI?”

    Can I bet on events happening off the field?

    While it’s not totally uncommon for bets to be available for off-the-field events — think the Over/Under on the length of the national anthem prior to the Super Bowl — these types of bets are most frequent during large one-off events. Baseball bettors may have more luck finding these novel off-the-field bets for the All-Star game than the World Series.

    When is the World Series?

    The MLB regular season typically concludes at the end of September or beginning of October. The bulk of the postseason takes place in October, and with the expanded postseason field, the World Series can often go into early November.

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