Barstool Sportsbook Maryland Promo Code & Launch Updates

The sports betting industry is making its way through Maryland. And Barstool Maryland is among the early apps to launch. Not only has Maryland legalized mobile sports betting for its residents, but it has awarded five licenses to casinos and horse racetracks, meaning bettors can place their wagers in person at retail sportsbooks. Among these retail locations is Hollywood Casino Perryville, which began accepting in person wagers last winter.

The sports betting operator at the facility is Barstool Sportsbook, a rapidly growing and massively popular mobile betting platform throughout several other US states. Hollywood Casino Perryville has operated under its own branding since the launch of retail sports betting in Maryland, but on June 6, it transitioned to the Barstool name.

With this development, Barstool was among the first mobile sportsbook apps to arrive for Maryland residents once the mobile betting industry rolled out on Nov. 23. 

Let’s take a closer look at Barstool Sportsbook in detail so you know what to expect when you launch this app for the first time.

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland Promo Code For December 2022

To draw new users to its mobile betting platform, Barstool will likely offer Maryland residents the same opening bonus as it offers in other states: a $10 no deposit bonus and a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000.

Terms & conditions apply.

Barstool Promo Code MarylandTBA
No Deposit Bonus$10
Paid Insurance Bet100% paid-insurance bet up to $1,000
What States Allow BarstoolAZ, CO, IL, MD, MI, PA, TN, VA
Barstool’s Land-Based PartnerHollywood Casino Perryville
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2022

Barstool Sportsbook: Bonus And Promotional Grade (4.6/5)

Barstool’s opening bonus comes in two parts. The first is a no deposit bonus worth $10. To access this bonus, just sign up and the credit will automatically enter your account. All you have to do is be 21 or older and be within your app’s state lines.

The bonus credit can be used however you please, which makes it very easy to try out Barstool without risking any of your cash. However, it can’t be split up so you have to use it on a single bet.

The second part of the bonus only kicks in if your first wager (that doesn’t use the above-mentioned $10 credit) is a loss. If this occurs, you’ll automatically get 100% of your bet credit reimbursed all the way up to $1,000. The $1,000 credit can’t be withdrawn without playing through it at least once, but that’s a pretty standard play-through requirement for mobile sportsbook apps.

These bonuses make Barstool a great choice for new sports bettors learning the ropes of sports wagering. The risk-free bet in particular is an excellent cushion that prevents you from losing your money too quickly when you first start placing bets.

Aside from the opening bonus, Barstool also offers regular promotions to keep the action interesting in the ensuing time after starting. These weekly and monthly promos are usually focused around free credit, and you access these promos by wagering a certain amount of cash on a specific sport.

Other promos, such as a “final second loss” promo that gives you extra credit if you lose a bet in the final seconds of the game. These are great for combining with Barstool’s live sports betting options (more on those below).

Like many other sportsbooks, Barstool also themes its promos around currently running sporting events or leagues. For example, the winter season usually has football-related promos.

Some bonuses to look for are Barstool’s “Cash at the Cage” promos. These usually come in the form of some sort of deposit match when you make a deposit from the casino floor, which in Maryland would be at the Hollywood Casino Perryville.

Ultimately, Barstool’s opening bonus and regular promotions are pretty good compared to the competition, though they also aren’t anything especially innovative.

Barstool Maryland: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4.4/5)

The best Maryland sportsbooks will have fantastically competitive odds. Barstool scores about average in this regard; it posts its odds reasonably quickly, though not as fast as larger operators like FanDuel or DraftKings.

That said, the odds on Barstool are decently competitive whether you like to place your money on the underdog or the favorite team to win. Most importantly, Barstool offers lots of alternative betting lines if you appreciate having different wagering options for specific games.

Because of this, Barstool is actually a pretty good sportsbook if you like to line shop or compare the odds for specific wagers between platforms. From time to time, Barstool might have the absolute best odds for a given sporting match or event.

Overall, Barstool’s odds are good but not the best, and are posted quickly enough to be competitive.

Barstool: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.6/5)

Perhaps because of its history of working with FanDuel and DraftKings, and its founders’ former business of providing sports news, Barstool has excellent market depth and variety for all the major sports you’ll want to bet on in Maryland.

These include the staple American professional sports like basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and more. Barstool goes above and beyond and has great market depth and variety for boxing, cricket, golf, motorsports, soccer, tennis, and much more.

In terms of international sports, Barstool scores highly, especially for international soccer leagues. European soccer games get plenty of betting lines with each match, making Barstool a great sportsbook if you like to watch these games from across the pond.

Barstool doesn’t do the best when it comes to niche activities like esports, but they do now offer odds on darts. Still, Barstool has great market depth and variety for all the most common sports you’d expect as a Maryland sports bettor.

One last thing – Maryland doesn’t restrict wagering on college basketball or football games (except for in-state teams). Luckily, Barstool should include betting markets for college games if and when it finally launches, so feel free to check out this app if you are a fan of the Maryland Terrapins or Navy Midshipmen.

Barstool Sportsbook: Deposit And Cashout Grade (4.5/5)

What about funding your account or withdrawing your winnings after a hot betting streak? Luckily, Barstool offers plenty of deposit methods for you to fund your account over and over again, including:

  • ACH or e-check transfers
  • Online bank transfers
  • Credit or debit card transfers
  • PayPal transfers
  • Wire transfers
  • Barstool Play+ cards

Barstool isn’t quite as varied when it comes to withdrawal options, although it does better in this regard than many competing sportsbooks. When you want to take your funds out of your account, you can use methods like:

  • Prepaid Play+ cards
  • PayWithMyBank transfers
  • PayPal transfers
  • Checks delivered in the mail
  • VIP Preferred transfers

You’ll be able to both withdraw and deposit funds using the Hollywood Casino Perryville’s cash cage with the Barstool retail sportsbook located there. Barstool does offer promos for depositing from the casino floor, so that is something to definitely look out for.

Like most mobile sportsbooks, Barstool does have a $10 minimum for deposits and withdrawals alike. But no matter whether you like to finance your sports betting in person or use electronic methods, Barstool has you covered with a reasonable degree of variety and flexibility.

Barstool Maryland: Customer Service Grade (4/5)

The customer service for Barstool Maryland is typical for what you would see with most other sportsbook. There is an email address to reach them with responses coming typically within 24 hours. The best bet, however, is contacting them through the live chat feature. This requires an extra step compared to other sportsbooks, which is you need to be logged in to your account to contact them via chat.

A public customer support phone line isn’t available, which is not typical compared to other sportsbooks. You can request a phone call from “player experience” but this definitely is not as convenient as it should be. This option also requires follow-up on Barstool’s part, and can be unreliable.

Another option is social media. You can contact Barstool through a dedicated Twitter account for support requests. Like the phone calls, this requires follow-up by Barstool and can be hit or miss.

Barstool Maryland: Mobile App Grade (4.7/5)

Barstool will certainly have plenty of competition when it launches in Maryland, especially in the mobile app department. Fortunately, Barstool has a streamlined and easy-to-navigate interface, with all of the above-mentioned rotating promotions displayed in a banner at the top of the screen. The promos are clearly marked and come with basic descriptions, so it’s easy to jump into the action.

Even better, Barstool’s mobile app is bolstered by a designated section for ongoing contests. If you are new to sports betting, you’ll appreciate this section of the site since it will show you which sporting events are currently ongoing in which betting lines have the biggest opportunity for profit.

That’s not all. Barstool’s sportsbook comes with several major features like:

  • Parlay insurance, which reimburses 100% of your parlay stake if you lose a parlay bet by one to two legs
  • Lag-free operation, even if there’s a lot of traffic at the same time
  • In-play or live betting, the odds for which are created using designated algorithms that keep the action fresh and exciting
  • Quick Pick 6 wagers, which you can’t find anywhere else. These allow you to craft your own six-leg parlays and choose other elements or aspects of the wagers before they are finalized
  • Customized bets 
  • Move the line functionality, which lets you adjust your betting line by up to eight points either up or down

As you can see, Barstool focuses quite highly on customization and user control, which is a breath of fresh air compared to many other mobile sportsbooks on the market.

Last but not least, Barstool also provides self-exclusion and responsible gaming controls. These are great if you want to make sure you don’t spend too much time sports betting or use too much money in a short span of time. These controls include time limits, wager limits, deposit limits, and a designated self-exclusion option that prevents you from logging in or betting for a certain amount of time.

All in all, Barstool’s mobile app is quite good despite its relatively recent entry into the market.

Barstool: Overall Grade (4.5/5)

So, is Barstool sportsbook worth your time as a Maryland sports betting fan? In our opinion, Barstool had one of the best launches to kick off Maryland’s official mobile sports betting launch on Nov. 23. Barstool has a great mobile app with live betting, good market depth and variety, and plenty of special features to keep things interesting. It is also a natural app to use for fans of the overall Barstool brand.

The app’s opening bonus and ongoing promotions are similarly solid. Even though the betting odds could be a little better, this sportsbook is still a top offering overall. If you are looking for a major sports betting platform or looking to try sports wagering for the first time, Barstool could be just the ticket.

Is Barstool Legit?

Yes. Barstool sportsbook is owned by the parent company Penn National, which you may recognize because it’s behind several other sportsbook brands and mobile apps. Penn National is currently looking to spread its market control throughout the US and Canada, which may be why it is trying to become one of the first sportsbook operators in Maryland.

So, Barstool is legitimate because it comes from a well-known and trusted larger corporation. On top of that, Barstool is already active as a sportsbook in other states like Colorado, New Jersey, and more. These states’ independent regulatory bodies have investigated and reviewed Barstool and found it to be a legitimate operation.

Fans of the overall Barstool brand can rest assured knowing this offering comes from the same parent company. Compared to offshore or illegal betting sites, Barstool is much more legitimate and trustworthy.

Why Choose Barstool Maryland Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Illegal betting sites might have been your only opportunity to enjoy sports betting action in Maryland before. But that’s no longer the case. Mobile sports betting is fully legal, and the industry is expected to launch sometime over the next few months.

Even if that weren’t the case, you should never use illegal betting sites because they:

  • Don’t protect your personal information or funds, either from themselves or from cybercriminals. If your funds or personal information are ever stolen on an offshore betting site, there’s nothing you can do
  • Don’t provide quality odds or wagering opportunities with good profit potential. Barstool, in contrast, has competitive odds and each bet has the opportunity to win you real cash

Basically, offshore and illegal betting sites will provide a subpar betting experience compared to Barstool and any other licensed or official sports betting site. If Barstool ever becomes available, you can rest assured that it’ll be better than any illegal sportsbook app no matter its promises or details.

Why Can You Trust Barstool Sportsbook With Your Money?

Barstool is already operational and several other states, which means it has already been reviewed by multiple regulatory bodies.

But Barstool is also trustworthy for your cash because it uses digital security methods like firewalls, antivirus software, and SSL certification to protect your information and your funds from malicious actors. SSL certification, for example, encrypts traffic to and from the mobile app and the primary website.

Don’t forget the self-exclusion and responsible gaming tools mentioned above, either. Barstool is a trustworthy sportsbook site because it knows the value of responsible, safe, and fair gaming, which is something that offshore sites can’t claim.

If you’re still unsure, simply wait until Barstool is officially licensed by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency. This agency is set to be the primary regulatory group for all sportsbooks coming to Maryland’s mobile gaming market. Once Barstool applies for licensure, they will do an in-depth check of the sportsbook and its security before awarding licensure and allowing Barstool to launch. 

Should this agency find anything lacking, they won’t allow Barstool to launch until they correct any errors.

Barstool Maryland Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is Barstool legal in?AZ, CO, IL, MD, MI, PA, TN, VA
Who is Barstool’s partner in Maryland?Hollywood Casino Perryville
Launch date in MarylandNov. 23, 2022

Barstool Maryland FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports online with Barstool Sportsbook in Maryland?

Mobile betting in Maryland began Nov. 23, and Barstool launched quickly. Additionally, Barstool’s land-based partner Hollywood Casino in Perryville has received licensure to launch a mobile sports betting platform, and began accepting sports wagers on June 6. 

Do you need to be in Maryland when you place a bet with Barstool sportsbook?

Yes. The Barstool Sportsbook app will include geolocation software when it launches in Maryland. This will prevent you from placing a bet outside state lines. This is a common practice among most major sportsbooks.

How old do you need to be to place a bet with Barstool sportsbook in Maryland?

Bettors will need to be 21 years of age or older in order to bet with Barstool Sportsbook. This is the same age you need to be in order to place a bet on any other betting platform.

Does Barstool offer in-play or live betting in Maryland?

Now that mobile betting is available in Maryland and the Barstool Sportsbook app is launched in the state, it will offer in-play betting to Maryland residents. This means that Maryland bettors can place their bets as the action unfolds.

Who is Barstool’s partner in Maryland?

Barstool has partnered with Hollywood Casino in Perryville. In May 2022, Barstool announced that it will open a retail sportsbook at Hollywood Casino Perryville. The location began accepting sports wagers on June 6.

Can you sign up for Barstool Sportsbook from anywhere within Maryland state lines?

Once it launches, yes. You do not need to visit any casino or in-person location to finish signing up for the sportsbook.

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