BetRivers Maryland Bonus Code & Sportsbook Review for 2023

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With mobile sports betting in Maryland now available, sports fans in the state will need to become familiar with their many sportsbook options.

One of the names new to the Maryland sports betting scene is BetRivers Sportsbook and you can now use BetRivers Maryland bonus code SHARPRIV to unlock a $500 Bonus Offer.

BetRivers has a lot to offer bettors of all experiences, so it’s worth taking a closer look at the sportsbook app now that it’s live in the Old Line State.

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Claim a special BetRivers Maryland bonus offer following November’s launch of online sports betting. BetRivers Maryland offers new users a second chance free bet of up to $500 with its welcome bonus. Use BetRivers bonus code Maryland term SHARPRIV to use the offer. Terms and conditions apply.

This offer can be redeemed in other locations where BetRivers is now available.


BetRivers Maryland Bonus Code - Sign Up Now!

New bettors in Maryland will be able to claim a special BetRivers Maryland bonus offer. Specifically, BetRivers offers new users a 2nd Chance Free Bet up to $500. It also only has a 1x playthrough requirement, making it easier to users to claim their winnings.

Bettors set how much they can receive with their first deposit, then they get $1 for every $1 they wager. Use BetRivers bonus code Maryland term SHARPRIV to claim the offer. Terms and conditions apply. This offer can be redeemed in Maryland and other locations where BetRivers is now available.

BetRivers Bonus Code MDSHARPRIV
2nd Chance Free BetUp To $500
What States Allow BetRiversAZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA & WV
BetRiver’s Land-Based PartnerBingo World Baltimore
Bonus Code Verified ForJanuary 2023

See BetRivers Maryland In Action


In this early phase of sportsbook expansion, many sportsbooks compete on bonuses. BetRivers does a pretty good job of rising to the challenge, offering new users a 2nd Chance Free Bet up to $500. In order to claim the BetRivers Maryland bonus, bettors must enter the bonus code SHARPRIV.

What makes this bonus stand out is BetRivers’ low playthrough requirement. The sportsbook only requires a 1x playthrough requirement. That means that to get their bonus credits, bettors only have to wager $1 to get $1. 

Compare that to DraftKings’ typical deposit bonus. It allows bettors to redeem up to $1,000 in bonus credits. However, its match rate is lower at just 20%. Bettors must wager $5 to get $1 in bonus credits. That makes it harder for most bettors to redeem the full value of the bonus.

Eventually, sportsbooks have to compete on long-term benefits for bettors. Welcome bonuses are just meant to get them started. 


BetRivers Sportsbook Maryland’s odds are pretty good on one side of the line. Odds on the favorite to win tend to be strong compared to the market. BetRivers’ odds also tend to be eerily similar to DraftKings. For some reason, their odds are often the same across categories point for point. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as competitive odds across sportsbooks are good for bettors.

It’s unusual to see either sportsbook lead in underdog odds. That can be a bummer if you are looking to bet on teams with longer odds, but overall, BetRivers does offer competitive odds on nearly all betting markets.


BetRivers Sportsbook Maryland has competitive futures in this low odds range. But beyond about +2000, the rest of the market edges BetRivers out. 

Bettors who sign up for BetRivers will have no trouble finding a sport, league, or line to wager on. BetRivers offers the core sports that most American sports bettors are interested in. The four major sports (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) are represented. BetRivers offers several international leagues within these sports, too. 

On the next tier down, BetRivers offers lines on sports like golf, boxing, and tennis. These are sports that are also popular, but not nearly as popular as the major leagues. These sports have many leagues in the United States and abroad listed under them. That gives bettors many options in familiar but less popular favorites. 

Finally, BetRivers offers sports like handball, lacrosse, and snooker. These sports don’t have mainstream appeal. But they offer bettors who want something a little different sport options they may not explore otherwise.  

But BetRivers Maryland also offers house specials. These are exclusive wagers that BetRivers put together. They’re mostly profit boosts and parlays with higher odds, but additional risk. In addition to standard game lines and futures, BetRivers rounds its wager selection out nicely. 


Bettors won’t have any problem moving money from their bank accounts to BetRivers and back again. All the major sportsbook brands make moving money easy, and BetRivers is no exception. Here are the deposit options at BetRivers: 

  • Online Banking
  • Wire Transfer
  • VIP Preferred ACH
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • BetRivers Play+
  • Vanilla – Cash Payment
  • PayNearMe – Cash Payment 

Each of these options offers an easy way to deposit funds for all sorts of bettors. Bank transfers are great if bettors’ banks don’t block sportsbook transactions. Debit and credit cards offer similarly-direct deposit options, but PayPal and the two cash payment options can also let bettors keep their gambling and personal funds separate.

However, withdrawal options are more limited: 

  • Online Banking
  • VIP Preferred ACH
  • PayPal
  • BetRivers Play+

BetRivers confirms bettors’ identities before authorizing a release of funds. So, while deposits are often processed instantly, withdrawals take a few days. This is a feature common to all sportsbooks. No one wants to be the first licensed sportsbook operator to accidentally aid money launderers.

Overall, BetRivers’ deposit and withdrawal options are competitive within the industry. It offers a strong selection of both, giving its bettors much flexibility. Availability for certain deposit and withdrawal options will vary based on the state.


While BetRivers has a strong selection of sports and a competitive rewards program, its app isn’t as smooth as its competitors. Navigation is clunky and hopping between different pages involves an awkward lag.

Other apps offer a sidebar where bettors can scroll through all the sports, often in alphabetical order when the search option isn’t enough. BetRivers offers a scroll bar with sports icons and tiny text. It’s harder to take all the options in at once and move through them. 

However, once bettors get to the lines, BetRivers becomes easier to use. The odds are easy to read, and users simply tap the odds they want to wager on and add them to their bet slips. From there, bettors can decide how much money they’d like to wager. Then, they can confirm their wagers and see how they pan out. 

The BetRivers app is clunky compared to the other apps on the market. But the core features run correctly, and many bettors will forgive bumpy navigation for a sportsbook that’s competitive by every other measure. 


BetRivers is a quality sportsbook that offers a solid opening bonus to new users. The second chance free bet up to $500 allows bettors to have peace of mind when placing their first wager. Its odds are also strong on low-range futures and favorites on game lines. BetRivers offers many different sports, leagues, and lines, leaving few bettors wanting. Its deposit and cashout options are also flexible and generous.

However, its app remains awkward compared to other large sportsbook brands. It can lag at times, which can be frustrating for users. Overall, it’s strong. It just has a few loose ends to work on. 

Is BetRivers Maryland Legit? 

Yes. BetRivers is a legitimate sportsbook operator in Maryland. Here are six things that set it apart from the unlicensed sportsbook that bettors should avoid: 

Among first to receive Maryland online sports betting license

Sports Wagering Application Review Commission regulators approved BetRivers Sportsbook Maryland’s request for an online sports betting license on Nov. 16. State lottery officials announced Nov. 23 as the launch of mobile sports betting in the state.

Earlier this year, Bingo World in Baltimore partnered with BetRivers to make the platform its official sports betting operator. The facility opened its in-person sportsbook in August 2022 and is now the sixth in-person sports betting location in the state of Maryland. Bingo World is also the first non-casino retail betting site in the state.

On top of its retail location, BetRivers Maryland has become one of the first sportsbook operators in Maryland, via its partnership with Penn Entertainment. Maryland sports betting regulators approved its online gambling license for sports and the app launched on Nov. 23, 2022. 

BetRivers Respects Market Access 

BetRivers only operates in markets where it’s been granted a sports betting license. It goes through the proper channels to secure market access. It’ll respect the rules laid out by the market’s gambling enforcement body. In contrast, unlicensed sportsbooks operate anywhere they like without any respect for the law. 

BetRivers Submits To Rigorous Regulation 

State Gambling Commissions and similar regulatory bodies exercise tight control over their sportsbooks. These organizations have the power to discipline sportsbooks that break industry rules. They can fine sportsbooks and even suspend and revoke sports betting licenses. BetRivers submitting to these regulations and industry rules is a mark of safety that bettors shouldn’t take for granted. 

BetRivers Tests Software Before Launch

Most, if not all, of the Gaming Commissions to which BetRivers submits require sportsbooks to test software and security before launching. That ensures that bettors’ information, like Social Security numbers and bank routing numbers, are secure when bettors sign up en masse. That’s the kind of proactive approach to data security that unlicensed sportsbooks won’t bother to go through. Are you willing to take data security chances with your personal and financial information by betting with an unlicensed sportsbook?

BetRivers Is A Product Of Rivers Casino 

Rivers Casino is a large casino and resort brand with a national reputation to uphold. That means it’s experienced handling sensitive bettor data. However, it also means that it has a huge incentive to run a legitimate sportsbook. Rivers Casino isn’t going to let its product disappoint bettors or state regulators. 

BetRivers Terms And Conditions 

The boring “Terms and Conditions” page that nobody reads is actually one of the most important parts of a legitimate sportsbook. That’s where BetRivers promises to pay bettors for the odds they get locked into if they win. The basic tenants that bettors expect from a legitimate sportsbook are all in there. Unlicensed sportsbooks don’t have them because unlicensed sportsbooks don’t need to abide by the same rules as licensed sportsbooks. That’s what makes them dangerous for bettors. 

Why Choose BetRivers Maryland Over Illegal Betting Sites?

While BetRivers is confined to industry rules set by each state it operates in, unlicensed sportsbooks have no regulations. Their security isn’t examined by independent auditors. State Gaming Commissions don’t get reports on unlicensed sportsbooks’ security measures. They have no way to regulate unlicensed sportsbooks until they’ve already behaved badly in the marketplace.

In some states, bettors who’ve been cheated by unlicensed sportsbooks have no legal recourse. That’s the case in Colorado, where bettors cannot sue illegal gambling operations for damages. So, if bettors get ripped off by an illegal sportsbook, they may be completely out of luck. 

However, illegal sportsbooks don’t have to be intentionally terrible to be dangerous places for sports bettors. They can underserve their patrons with good intentions but poor execution. While the most malicious illegal betting sites will steal bettor information, accidental data breaches can be just as damaging.

Remember, most sportsbooks require all or part of their bettors’ Social Security numbers. Those are valuable numbers for opportunistic hackers. Unlicensed sportsbooks with poor security are great targets for hackers who want to grift off them. Bettors would be wise to keep their information out of their hands. 

Licensed sportsbooks like BetRivers don’t come with all this baggage. Their security and software are tested months before they launch. Any changes they need to make are made available to them and to the State to make sure bettors are getting safe sports betting options.

BetRivers also has a terms and conditions page that spells out how it will operate honestly and uphold its end of the bargain. BetRivers isn’t just the safe option. It’s the smart one. 

Why Can You Trust BetRivers Maryland With Your Money? 

We harp on the state regulations that BetRivers and other licensed sportsbooks submit to because they offer such powerful protections for bettors. It’s easy to take these government-regulated businesses for granted. But those protections play a critical role in bettors’ financial security. 

As we’ve said before, most states’ Gaming Commissions require sportsbooks to test-run their software before launching. That means an independent auditor evaluates BetRivers’ software to ensure that it’s secure and that it’s functional.

The auditor submits a report to the sportsbook and the Gaming Commission, often giving the sportsbook 60 days to make recommended improvements. That test run ensures bettors get the best protection for their money when they place their bets. Issues that are solved ahead of time by the Gaming Commission don’t plague bettors when they begin betting.

Between end-to-end encryption and strict Gaming Commission rules, licensed sportsbooks like BetRivers maximize security for bettors’ most sensitive information. That is something that bettors won’t find at unlicensed sportsbooks. Bettors certainly won’t get that kind of security from any lingering bookies. 

BetRivers Maryland Fact Sheet

How Old Do You Have To Be?21
What States Is It Legal In?AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA & WV
Who Is BetRivers’ Partner In MarylandBingo World
Mobile Launch Date In Maryland Nov. 23, 2022

BetRivers Maryland FAQs

How old do I have to be to place sports wagers in Maryland?

Bettors have to be at least 21 years of age or older in order to place bets at Maryland sportsbooks. Like most states, it’s probably set the sports betting age at 21 to eliminate problems with minors attending casinos and visiting retail sportsbooks. All the edgy high school seniors will just have to settle for fantasy sports.

Do bettors have to be in Maryland to place bets at Maryland’s mobile sportsbooks?

Yes. Maryland sports betting apps are geofenced. That will only allow Marylanders to place sports wagers within state lines. Anyone who tries to place a bet out of state will be blocked. That solves a lot of state sovereignty issues.

If out-of-staters could place bets in Maryland, then legalizing sports betting in one state would legalize it in the whole country. It’d be madness! However, bettors will likely be able to perform account management functions like registration and deposits from out of state.

How do I get paid if I win at BetRivers Sportsbook Maryland?

When bettors win, their winnings go to the cashier section in the top right corner. Bettors can access the cashout sections and select how they want to move their money from their BetRivers account to their bank account. However, bettors should be prepared to wait three to five business days after they put their requests in. This is typical among most major sports betting platforms. BetRivers needs to confirm who they’re sending the money to. To do this, BetRivers follows strict anti-money laundering laws, and must ensure it doesn’t unwittingly participate in it.

Does BetRivers offer live in-play betting?

Yes. Live betting is one of the first game lines that bettors will find when they open the BetRivers mobile app. That’s common among sportsbooks, though. Live betting is one of the most popular forms of betting. It not only tests bettors’ knowledge of the game, but also engages bettors in the games they wager on. It’s doubly engaging for bettors, which sportsbooks profit heavily from.

Does BetRivers offer lines on esports leagues?

Yes. But it offers them seasonally, so bettors can go weeks without seeing esports lines. However, bettors will find game lines on esports leagues like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. They feature highly organized leagues with clear rules that lend themselves to sports betting.

However, they also lend themselves to state-approved wagers. State Gaming Commissions have a say in which sports sportsbooks can offer lines on. If Maryland authorizes esports, BetRivers will have them.

Can I create a BetRivers Sportsbook account from anywhere in Maryland?

Yes. Bettors could even create BetRivers accounts out of state. However, registration is the easy part. Bettors won’t be able to place wagers from out of state. (It’ll probably be a little squirrely at the state borders.)

How can I create a BetRivers Maryland account?

BetRivers Maryland is offering a second chance free bet up to $500 for new users.

  1. Visit the BetRivers Maryland site to claim this lucrative offer.
  2. Click Join Now at the top right of the page.
  3. Provide your state and fill out the requested identity-verifying information.
  4. Enter BetRivers bonus code Maryland term SHARPRIV when prompted.
  5. Once your user profile is created, download the app to your mobile device: iOS app (App Store) or Android app (Google Play Store).
  6. Open the BetRivers app and deposit funds to begin wagering.
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