Unibet Maryland Review

Sports wagering is officially legal in Maryland. Lawmakers only recently passed legislation sealing the deal, and now, all that’s left is to get the details about licensing and registration out of the way before sportsbook apps can finally launch. This Unibet Maryland review will catch you up on what to expect when the app launches in the state.

In total, the legislation legalizing sports wagering will allow for 60 online sports betting licenses in total. While it’s unlikely that 60 operators will directly compete, we expect to see around a dozen quality sportsbooks launch by the end of the year or early 2022.

Unibet is one of the most likely sportsbooks to launch in this eastern state. The smalltime operator is looking to expand its market reach, particularly in the eastern US. That’s partly because Unibet comes from Europe where it primarily operates. But even with this apparent disadvantage, Unibet has made major inroads in several other US states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

With that in mind, let’s break down everything you can expect to see on the Unibet Maryland sportsbook if and when this app launches.

Unibet Maryland Promo Code For October 2021

All new Unibet account holders get access to a special promotion: a risk-free bet worth up to $500 of site credit.

Terms and conditions apply.

Unibet Maryland Promo CodeClaim Promo through our exclusive link
Risk-Free Bet$500 for first settled bet
What States Allow UnibetVA, IN, PA, NJ
Promo Code Verified ForOctober 2021

Anyone who uses the promo code described above can get an attractive risk-free bet opening bonus. This is a great cushion to prevent you from losing all your wagering money right off the bat just because of an initial bad wager.

However, there are some terms and conditions to be aware of. For example, the risk-free bet only applies to the first bet that settles, not the first bet that you add to your betting slip. Keep this in mind if you make multiple simultaneous wagers at once. The bet bonus also only applies to a single wager, not several wagers with a combined value of $500.

To qualify for the bet, input the bonus code and make a wager for any amount of money between $10 and $500. It may take Unibet up to 72 business hours to refund your account with the site credit. You do have to play through the site credit once before you can withdraw it as cash, but that’s ultimately a pretty minor drawback.

Unibet Maryland: Bonus And Promotional Grade (4.6/5)

As described above, the opening bonus is a great pick for new sports bettors who don’t want to risk too much money on anything but a sure bet. However, it isn’t the best opening bonus overall since it only kicks in if you are unlucky enough to lose your first wager.

In addition to the opening bonus described above, Unibet has a variety of other ongoing promotions and bonus opportunities that make it a great app to stick around with for the long term. For example, there’s a refer a friend program you can take advantage of by getting a friend to sign up for the sportsbook and place at least one wager. You’ll get some extra site credit for participating in this promotion.

Additionally, Unibet offers weekly $10 free bets as well as “level up booster” promotions. These increase in value as you spend more time on the app and place wagers. You’ll get additional wagering cash, odds boosts, and even access to special betting pools from time to time.

All in all, when you consider Unibet’s promotional offers in addition to its opening bonus, this sportsbook scores highly in this category.

Unibet: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4.7/5)

We can’t do an in-depth review of Unibet without mentioning its high-quality odds. All of Unibet’s odds come from Kambi, a leading provider of sports betting tech and official league data that sports betting algorithms and line makers used to formulate player-friendly odds.

As a result, you’ll see up-to-date, flexible odds for practically any wager type you can imagine, including moneyline bets, totals bets, spread bets, and more. Since the site’s interface and navigation are so simplistic and minimalist, navigating to different betting lines and “line shopping” (i.e. looking for the best lines for a given wager across different sportsbook platforms) should be quick and simple.

In addition, Unibet’s odds are among the first to be updated or posted when a new sporting event is announced. Say that you want to get in on the ground floor for futures wagers for major league baseball’s World Series games. In that case, you can boot up Unibet and be one of the first people to place bets on the outcome of this tournament.

This is important since, with futures bets, the earlier you place your wager, the higher your potential payout will be. As a result, Unibet is also a pretty good sportsbook if you want to use it to compare betting lines for the same wager between different sportsbook platforms.

Ultimately, Unibet scores highly in this category as well thanks to the quality of its odds.

Unibet Sportsbook: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.3/5)

Unibet may not be quite as well known or as dominant in the market as giants like DraftKings and FanDuel, but it doesn’t skimp when it comes to market depth and variety. Not only will Maryland sports bettors be able to place wagers on popular American sports franchises, like the NFL, NBA, MLB, but Unibet will also allow betting markets for international and niche sporting activities.

For example, you can expect betting markets for darts, cricket, rugby, NASCAR races, UFC fighting, and more to all pop up once this app launches. Simply put, no matter what you want to wager on, Unibet will likely have a betting market and at least a few betting lines for you to check out.

The one area where needs to improve is esports. While Unibet will provide some esports betting lines when it launches, its betting markets in this area certainly need more development before it can compete with the likes of DraftKings.

Still, you should be able to find any wagering opportunity you can imagine fairly easily on this mobile platform. Unibet does allow live or in-play bets and has a specialized betting market for making prop wagers in the middle of the action.

Unfortunately, the sportsbook doesn’t include a live streaming function. So if you want to use in-play betting to its maximum effect, you have to use your Unibet mobile app in conjunction with your desktop computer or television.

Unibet: Deposit And Cashout Grade (4.6/5)

Unibet makes it easy to both deposit funds into your account and withdraw them after winning big. There are more ways to make deposits than withdrawals, unfortunately. You can make card payments, use electronic checks, or PayNearMe terminals. You can also use a prepaid Play+ Card or make a bank transfer once you connect an online bank account.

These methods will allow you to instantaneously start betting as deposits transfer almost immediately. However, Unibet’s payouts are a little slower and you usually won’t see your winnings show up in your bank account until after two business days.

You can withdraw funds using ACH transfers, casino cage cash cages, PayPal transfers, or Visa and MasterCard deposits or withdrawals. Overall, Unibet provides more withdrawal options than many other competing sportsbooks, although its withdrawal speed could certainly use some improvements.

Unibet Maryland: Mobile App Grade (4.8/5)

Right off the bat, users will notice that Unibet is very well optimized for mobile devices. It has a minimalist, simplistic interface that isn’t as flashy or detailed as many competitors. But this can actually be a benefit, as it facilitates stable performance and lag-free betting, even when Unibet’s servers are overloaded with a lot of traffic.

Plus, this makes it easy for you to navigate to the betting line or market of your choice without getting confused. All of the Unibet games available are organized on pages separated by sport. You’ll also be able to place many of the main wager types, like spread or total bets, right from the home screen.

Simply click on a bet and it’ll automatically add to your betting slip. Once you click on the “show more wagers” button, you’ll open up a separate page for additional or more niche wagers. In this way, Unibet’s mobile app is great for both newcomers and experienced sports bettors.

Unibet Sportsbook Maryland: Overall Grade (4.5/5)

Although Unibet began in Europe, it has quickly become a quality sports wagering platform in the US as well. The biggest downside users will notice is the lack of a live streaming functionality, even though it does let you place in-play bets just like most other major sports wagering platforms.

Aside from this minor flaw, however, Unibet has a lot to like, including player-friendly odds, excellent betting markets and variety, and a smooth and minimalist app interface that’s very easy to navigate.

Check this app out if and when it comes to Maryland for a great sports betting experience. 

Is Unibet Legit?

Absolutely. In fact, there are several reasons why you can rest assured that Unibet is a legitimate sportsbook operation. 

  • For one, it’s a fully-fledged and developed gambling brand. Unibet has already been active in Europe for several years to offer sports betting and casino games.
  • It has a huge user base. Over 11 million customers in over 100 countries use Unibet every year.
  • Unibet will be vetted and licensed by at least one regulatory agency when it receives licensure in Maryland.
  • Unibet uses high-quality digital security, like SSL certification, to protect users’ personal information.
  • Unibet will be repeatedly investigated every year to maintain its license in Maryland, so its legitimacy will be maintained rather than only verified once.

Ultimately, Unibet is just as legitimate and safe to use as other sports betting platforms.

Why Choose Unibet Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Legal online sports wagering has been a long time coming for Maryland residents. Even now, many sports bettors or enthusiasts are likely chomping at the bit to place bets and support their favorite teams.

But even though it will still be several months before legal sports wagering launches, you should not use an illegal betting site.

Illegal betting sites have a number of major problems, including:

  • Bad odds. Suffice it to say that any odds you find will not be player-friendly and won’t offer great potential for payout, even if you end up winning.
  • Bad security. Illegal betting sites usually have subpar digital security, which puts both your personal information and any funds you give to the sites at risk.
  • No means of legal recourse. If an illegal sports betting site takes your money or sells your personal information on the Internet, there’s nothing you can do to get justice or to secure your information after it is out.

In contrast, legal betting sites like Unibet will provide high-quality digital security and will be overseen by at least one regulatory body or commission. In this way, they will be guaranteed to provide fair sports wagering activities and will not abuse your personal information or funds.

Why Can You Trust Unibet Maryland With Your Money?

Unibet is a well-established gambling organization in Europe, and it only recently migrated to the US to offer sports betting and casino games to US citizens. Even though Unibet is based in a foreign country, it’s a very well-established and trustworthy organization.

Part of its trust comes from its security protocols. Unibet uses 128-bit SSL certification to encrypt traffic that goes to and from its website, including personal information and details or credit card numbers. All this means that any information you give Unibet’s mobile app will be secure and safe.

Furthermore, this company provides 24/7 customer service access. If you ever have a problem with your funds or are worried that there’s money missing in your account, you’ll be able to contact Unibet immediately and seek a resolution. Should Unibet ever seem untrustworthy, you’ll be able to contact Maryland’s sports betting regulatory body and pursue a resolution that way.

All in all, Unibet is a safe bet when it comes to spending money on sports betting. This holds especially true when compared to offshore or illegal betting sites.

Unibet Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is Unibet legal in?PA, NJ, VA, IN
Launch Date In MarylandComing Soon

Unibet Sportsbook FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports online at Unibet in Maryland?

Not at this time. But Unibet may be among the first legal sportsbooks to launch in this state.

How old do you have to be to place a bet online at Unibet in Maryland?

21, which is the legal gambling age in Maryland overall.

Do you need to be in Maryland when you place a sports wager at Unibet?

Yes. The sportsbook will install geolocation software automatically upon installation. This will track your location and prevent you from making a wager outside state lines.

Can you do in-play betting at Unibet in Maryland?

Yes. But unfortunately, Unibet does not have live streaming. So you’ll need to place your bets while watching your favorite game either on a computer or TV screen.

Can you sign up for Unibet from anywhere within Maryland?

Yes. Maryland’s future sports wagering industry will not require you to visit a partnered casino or gambling location to complete the registration process.

Does Unibet offer any free bets or deposit bonuses?

This mobile sportsbook will likely offer a risk-free bet worth around $500 when it launches, as this is the same bonus offer it provides to most of the other states where it is currently active.

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