WynnBET Sportsbook Maryland

When sports betting apps launch in Maryland, WynnBET Sportsbook could be one of the top betting apps for Maryland sports fans.

Maryland sports betting still has a long way to go before bettors can place bets. Even though the Governor signed the sports betting bill, the official launch date is still unknown. However, we can guess which sportsbook brands will likely launch in Maryland.

We suspect that WynnBET will be one of them. It’s a basic sportsbook, but it competes with DraftKings for the best odds on favorites. Its welcome bonus is simple and competitive, too. Here’s everything Marylanders need to know about what WynnBET could bring to Maryland. 

Maryland WynnBET Promo Code For December 2022

WynnBET offers a risk-free bet of up to $500. If bettors lose, then they get their stakes refunded in site credits, up to $500. But if bettors win, then they’re off to a good start. Terms and conditions apply. 

WynnBET Maryland Promo CodeClick here to claim
Risk-Free Bet$500 Risk-Free Bet
What States Allow WynnBETCO, IN, MI, NJ, VA
WynnBET’s Land-Based PartnerWynn Resorts
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2022

How To Register For A WynnBET Account In Maryland

If bettors have created other online accounts before, then they have all the necessary skills to create a sportsbook account. Sportsbooks will ask for a little more personal information than new bettors are used to, though. Bettors must provide their social security numbers upon signup.

Sportsbooks use it to verify bettors’ identities. Awarding gambling winnings is a high-stake endeavor for sportsbooks, so they need to know who’s getting the money. But after entering their personal information and setting up security questions, bettors will be ready to make their first deposits and wagers at WynnBET.   

WynnBET: Bonus And Promotional Grade (3.5/5)

There are two main types of bonuses: deposit bonuses and risk-free bets. Risk-free bets are better for more bettors because bettors can get the full value for their money. Deposit bonuses slowly leak winnings out over time while risk-free bets award it all at once. 

WynnBET’s risk-free bet is moderate compared to other risk-free bets in the market. It’s half of FanDuel’s $1,000 risk-free bet. However, WynnBET doubles Golden Nugget’s $250 risk-free bet. WynnBET’s risk-free bet is large enough for bettors to get site credits back from a losing bet. But high-rollers may be disappointed with the moderate risk-free bet amount. 

That said, WynnBET doesn’t have any promotions beyond its flashy welcome bonus. As it matures, it may offer more promotions. They have to keep bettors coming back after they cash their bonuses in, after all. However, WynnBET doesn’t do it with promotions. It has competitive odds, but it’s still a basic, bare-bones sportsbook.

If WynnBET wants to catch up, then it has to start offering ongoing promotions. Other sportsbooks tie small free bets to popular sports seasons or to previous betting activities. WynnBET could introduce that and improve its bonus game. 

WynnBET Maryland: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4.5/5)

WynnBET’s game lines have competitive odds on the favorites, while its futures odds tend to favor less risky teams. It’s a fairly unusual combination. Sportsbooks with good odds on favorites tend to have better odds on long-shot futures odds. That balances the potential winnings sportsbooks have to payout.

However, WynnBET seems more focused on the less risky futures. Here’s how it stacks up against Maryland’s most likely first entrants: 

 Arizona DiamondbacksCincinnati Reds

Here, bettors can see how WynnBET’s odds on the favorites match DraftKings and beat FanDuel and BetMGM. However, the futures odds look a little different: 

LA Dodgers+300+325+310+325
NY Yankees+700+650+600+600
SD Padres+1,000+900+850+800
NY Mets+1,000+1,000+900+1,000

WynnBET’s least risky futures odds are beaten out by the others. But the next tier of risky odds is much more competitive. If bettors wager at WynnBET, bettors should keep these trends in mind to get the most for their money. 

WynnBET: Market Depth And Variety Grade (3.5/5)

WynnBET offers a few core sports to bet on. Our count on its website came to 16 sports, but only nine on its app. However, available leagues are plentiful. Across sportsbooks, soccer has one of the largest numbers of leagues contained in the soccer section.

Many major countries in Europe, South America, Asia have their own leagues. That makes soccer a good acid test for gauging league variety. WynnBET has many soccer leagues from across the world and offers several leagues in other major sports, too. In terms of depth, WynnBet offers a respectable selection. 

However, the types of wagers it offers are limited. WynnBET offers point spreads, over/unders, and moneyline bets. Bettors will find futures, too. But that’s about it. The most variation in wager types is in the many futures bets available on the NFL.

Besides Super Bowl futures, WynnBET offers futures on the division winners, who’ll make playoffs, and various bets on draft positions. But for bettors looking for unique parlay bets, they’ll have to look elsewhere. WynnBET still has some work to do on its wager variety. 

WynnBET: Deposit And Cashout Grade (5/5)

Some sportsbooks are stingy with their deposit and withdrawal methods. But WynnBET gives bettors a generous slew of options for both depositing funds and withdrawing winnings. WynnBET’s deposit options include: 

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Online Banking 
  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred – eCheck
  • Play+ Card 

These options cover the most convenient online options and give bettors enough flexibility to actually make deposits. Some banks reject transactions from gambling companies, so offering options like PayPal gives bettors enough room to conveniently move money around.

However, depositing money is usually easier than withdrawing it. Deposited funds are almost always available immediately. However, even the same withdrawal methods can take three to five days. Here are WynnBET’s withdrawal options: 

  • Online Banking
  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred – eCheck 
  • Play+ Card 

Even though these withdrawal methods are the same as most of the deposit methods, they take longer to process. Sportsbooks verify bettors’ identities before releasing the funds. Those strict identification measures ensure sportsbooks don’t help unsavory bettors launder money. So, that long processing time may be irritating. But it’s for a good reason.

WynnBET has more withdrawal options than several other sportsbooks. It’s a strong selection compared to the market. 

WynnBET App: Mobile App Grade (3/5)

WynnBET’s mobile app is a basic, bare-bones piece of software. There are only three menus available on the app: the home screen, search bar, and live bet section. The bet slip is hidden away in the top right corner, and the most popular leagues are in a horizontal scroll bar above the few promotions WynnBET offers. 

However, the bare bones could be forgiven if the app was smoother. Occasionally, bettors will try to go to another page and run into an error message instead. Trying to load the screen again should get them through. But it’s not encouraging when an app that asks for the last four digits of bettors’ social security numbers can’t load its screens. 

The roughest part of the app is the search tab. Bettors who go to the search tab will get a space to type in the event they’re looking for. However, it also has the A-Z sports list on that tab. It’s hidden behind the keyboard, which is weird. WynnBET is new, but it has a ways to go before it has an app that can compete with the big brands. 

WynnBET Maryland: Overall Grade

WynnBET Maryland Final Score
WynnBET Maryland could be one of the top betting apps for Maryland sports fans. WynnBET’s odds are competitive, which is critical. It even has the market breadth and depth to offer enough competitive betting options. It also has a good selection of deposit and withdrawal options.
Bonus & Promo
Odds vs. Competition
Market Depth & Variety
Deposit & Cashout
Mobile App Grade
Reader Rating1 Vote
Gives bettors generous options for depositing funds and withdrawing winnings
More withdrawal options than several other sportsbooks
Mobile app occasionally runs into error messages

WynnBET is a newcomer in the sports betting industry and it shows. It has a pretty good welcome bonus, but no promotions beyond it. WynnBET’s odds are competitive, which is critical. It even has the market breadth and depth to offer enough competitive betting options. It also has a good selection of deposit and withdrawal options.

However, WynnBET has some blind spots. It has few bet types beyond standard game lines and futures. Its app is in rough shape, too. WynnBET has some of the basics in place to become competitive. It just needs to develop fast enough to keep up with the big dogs. 

Is WynnBET Legit? 

Yes. WynnBET is a legitimate product run by a legitimate company. Wynn Resorts owns this product, and it has a track record of lawful business practices. Here are five reasons to trust WynnBET’s legitimacy. 

Wynn Resorts’ History 

Wynn Resorts has a longer history than its sportsbook app. Its successful run in Las Vegas should signal to bettors that its products are serious and legitimate. This isn’t some small-time startup messing around in an industry it’s not prepared for. It’s a serious company with gaming industry experience. 

WynnBET’s State Licenses

WynnBET is in five states with its sixth launch, Tennessee, on the way. Each state has its own sports betting industry rules that sportsbooks must follow. That keeps sportsbook operators in line and gives bettors an idea of who can follow industry guidelines. WynnBET has conformed to multiple state guidelines, showing bettors that it can follow the law. 

WynnBET’s Terms Of Service

Legitimate companies have terms of service that bettors ignore and take for granted. They aren’t exciting, but they’re important signals of a company’s quality. If bettors read the terms and conditions, they’d find strict conditions that bind WynnBET to its obligations to its bettors. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s an easy way to see whether a company is legit.

WynnBET’s Expansion Plans

If WynnBet wants to expand to other states, then WynnBET has to follow every state regulation. Every state requires potential sportsbook operators to disclose judgments against them from previous years. If WynnBET wants to go to new states, then it has to be on the best behavior in its existing markets. It’s a good way to keep sportsbook operators in line. 

Early Industry Structure 

If sportsbooks want to survive, then they have to find ways to set themselves apart from the competition. However, being the least compliant sportsbook doesn’t win bettors. During this vulnerable period, sportsbooks can’t afford to run afoul of state regulators. It would disadvantage them compared to their competitors. 

Why Choose WynnBET Over Illegal Betting Sites? 

Illegal betting sites aren’t just made of criminal organizations. These sites can have worse security than legal state sportsbooks. The United States has been cautiously legalizing sports betting since the 2018 PASPA repeal. Many states have approached sports betting with trepidation.

It’s a brand new industry that no one wants to execute poorly. One misstep in betting would be a political disaster for state leaders and set sports betting expansion back across states that are on the fence about it. States have been taking sports betting industry rules seriously. 

However, the criminal sportsbooks that lurk in the nation’s underworld carry potential dangers, too. Bookies may be illegal now, but they have one advantage over their legal counterparts. Illegal sportsbooks offer better odds, but they come with many strings attached.

Illegal sportsbooks don’t always pay winners, because there’s no legal recourse for bettors who lose money on illegal gambling. They also don’t have to worry about bettor security like licensed sportsbooks. Illegal sportsbooks can even pay out winnings, but steal money from bettors’ banks to make most of their money. 

But legal sportsbooks come with an easily accessible legal framework that takes care of bettors. State regulations enforce minimum security standards, bind sportsbooks to legitimate business practices, and maximize bettor safety.

Licensed sportsbooks won’t come after bettors with violence for underpaying, either. In fact, bettors with complaints against sportsbooks can file them with the state or confront sportsbooks directly through their customer service portals. There’s a massive safety net attached to legal, licensed sportsbooks that’s absent from illegal sportsbooks. 

Why Can You Trust WynnBET With Your Money? 

There are a few ways WynnBET protects bettor data. First, bettor data is likely encrypted end to end. Bettors may guess that their information is encrypted while it’s being sent from their devices to the servers that store their data.

However, it’s also encrypted while bettors are typing it in. This prevents hackers from taking screenshots of sensitive pieces of bettor data to get around encryption. However, when bettors type data into sportsbooks, it’s encrypted immediately. That keeps bettor data from falling into the wrong hands. 

However, WynnBET also takes painstaking steps to verify bettors’ identities. If bettors create accounts and WynnBET can’t identify them, the app requests additional documentation to verify bettor identities. That ensures a bettor’s money goes back to them when they make withdrawals.

Some withdrawal methods require bettors to make deposits with that same method before they can use it to withdraw. This keeps WynnBET from awarding one bettor’s winnings to the wrong bettor.

All of WynnBET’s due diligence maintains a safe betting environment for bettors. It keeps data and money safe, which elevates WynnBET above its illegal counterparts. 

WynnBET Fact Sheet

Legal Sports Betting Age21 (if Governor signs sports betting bill)
Legal StatesCO, IN, MI, NJ, VA
WynnBET’s Maryland PartnerTBD
WynnBET’s Maryland Launch DateTBD


Will it be legal to bet online at WynnBET in Maryland? 

Yes. Maryland’s sports betting bill allows online sports betting statewide. Online sports betting is a critical part of a successful and competitive sports betting industry. However, WynnBET will have to secure a license in Maryland to gain market access. Every sportsbook has to apply for gaming licenses in every state, and some states only have a few to reward. Maryland has 60 online sports betting licenses to award, so there will likely be room if WynnBET chooses to expand there. 

How old do bettors have to be to place sports bets in Maryland? 

21. Maryland has a few gambling options that become available to citizens at 18. However, bingo and the lottery aren’t the same as sports betting. Sportsbooks are often housed in casinos, which have liquor licenses. People under 21 aren’t allowed in venues that are flushed with booze, so they seem to have been banned from sports betting as a corollary.  

Do bettors have to be in Maryland to place bets? 

Yes. When sports betting goes live in Maryland, bettors will only be able to place sports bets when they are located in Maryland. When sportsbook apps go live in a state, they create a geofence around it that only allows wagers placed from inside the state. Out-of-state wagers create legal problems for sports that allow sports betting. If a Texas resident could place bets in legal states, then legalizing sports betting in one state would legalize it in them all. It’d be a legal nightmare, and limiting wagers to in-state bets eliminates it. 

How many sports can bettors wager on at WynnBET? 

The WynnBET Sportsbook app has plenty of market variety, meaning bettors have plenty of options. In total, there are around 15-16 different sports and leagues to choose from on its website and a few less on its app depending on the state. Odds are available for a few core sports like football and basketball that are available at every sportsbook. In addition, there are also a few niche sports like darts and NASCAR that are popular to bet on. But the sport selection seems to vary between the app and the website. It’s an odd shortcoming that WynnBET hopefully solves by the time it comes to Maryland. 

Does WynnBET offer risk-free bets or deposit bonuses? 

Yes. WynnBET offers a $500 risk-free bet as a welcome bonus. However, it doesn’t offer many other sports betting bonuses beyond that. It has a deposit match for its online casino in certain states. It also has an odds boost promotion that’s smaller and ongoing. However, as WynnBET improves, its promotional section likely will too. A strong promotion selection is part of a competitive and mature sportsbook. 

Can bettors make in-play wagers at WynnBET?

Yes. WynnBET has a live betting section. In fact, it has a live betting tab and it puts its live bets front and center on the homepage. Live betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting. Its immediacy lets bettors scratch an itch quickly and easily. It also involves bettors more intimately in the game. That interactive piece makes live betting one of the bones that young sportsbooks like WynnBET must have in place to even think about competing.

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